Boys in make up!

LOL, the things you find in your draft folder after a night on the naughty ciggies!

Michael McQuilken

Jherek Bischoff

David Tennant

Robert Sheehan

Matt Horne

Noel Fielding


Russ & Noel


Andrew Scott – not wearing make up but should be!

Emun Elliott – pretty sure I’ve seen him in make up, can’t find pics

~ by Fen on November 12, 2012.

5 Responses to “Boys in make up!”

  1. So eighties. So hot.

  2. Not a fan of boys in make up.

    Boys in dresses… hot hot hot!!!

  3. Beautiful, I would like to get your permission to use the photo of Michael McQuilken in a painting, is that okay with you? thanks, Lori

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