The large labia project

A long while ago I blogged about Designer Vaginas. This post, for whatever reason, is still one of my most viewed posts. I like to think that people are educating themselves that their labia needn’t be neatly tucked away, but somehow I don’t think that is the complete reason.

Anyway, being resistant to media lately, I’ve just discovered an article about The Large Labia Project (definitely NSFW).

It still makes my heart ache that women think that anything that isn’t a “single crease” is abnormal.  And it’s not surprising considering Australian censorship laws deem visible internal labia to count as ‘hardcore pornography’, and instead advocate a ‘neat and tidy’ look.

Anyway, I won’t get on my soap box about it again, just read the article and check out the LLP page (obviously not at work, unless your workplace isn’t conservative, like most are).

I’d just like to implore women not to be ashamed of their labia.



~ by Fen on February 28, 2013.

14 Responses to “The large labia project”

  1. I have never given two shits what my fanny looks like. For one, I can’t see mine. And two, it does it’s job. 🙂

    Women are slaves to fashion.
    Just as well I’m not like that.

    Seriously though, any genital mutilation is just pathetic and wrong.
    I think circumcision should also be stopped.

    • I never gave a rats either, and I don’t now. But I never gave it much thought til all this depressing information started to come out 😦

  2. I don’t care who sees this because the truth won’t hurt me even though it hurts those who listen to me; I’ve had sex with dozens of women and haven’t looked at a single fanny. It was never relevant.
    I do hope your father doesn’t read this blog. And go ahead, aim at me for saying that, you’ll waste the shot.

    • He does read it from time to time & I have no issue with that. Just as I have no issue with how many labia you’ve seen or not seen in your life time.

  3. It’s so very, very sad. It’s only something that women can see (and choose to stress about) if they stand over a hand mirror or contort themselves in front of a bathroom one! What willing sexual partner would give a fat rats’ clacker about the size or shape of her labia anyway – they’re not only immensely grateful that you’re there with them, but also too busy worrying about their own upcoming ‘performance.’ Another cynical way to get women to pay for unnecessary surgery….. very, very sad.

  4. I think it is criminal the marketing techniques these butchers (plastic surgeons) use by feeding on vulnerable women’s insecurities. Really quite tragic the direction parts of our society has skewed, all about money and vanity. Which can be changed with greater awareness, self acceptance & self love. I commend the intentions of this blog. I hope that more woman can develop greater awareness of themselves, learn to accept themselves exactly the way they are and can learn to love themselves without the need for unnecessary surgery. Certainly if they allow themselves to be judged negatively by any man (or woman) then they will likely suffer further in a relationship with that kind of unhappy individual. I feel compassion for their suffering. Good on you Fen! Your an inspiration. 🙂

  5. Mine’s been de-comissioned for so long I’d have to spray the cobwebs gold to look good. I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately about the expectations of teen males because of the porn they watch, like freaking out because OMG, there’s hair down there. Boobs without silicone don’t stand up and salute, they fall to the sides. Did I mention all that hair? It’s a shame that the real reason for the shape and the hair isn’t mentioned, it’s to protect the inner workings and a pregnancy not to be the perfect play pen for adolescent men of any age. Love yourself girls, at least we don’t have to worry about which way to hang it down our trousers.

  6. I was asked by someone to be part of this. I chose not to because I thought giving credence to a pro-lab movement was subsequently acknowledging there was an anti-lab movement.

    Fuck them by not giving their ignorance credence and not giving them physical access, I say. Each to their own, of course. The worst part for me was once I’d heard of this movement I experienced paranoia that my bits weren’t tucked in enough — in 42 years I’d never experienced lab shame before.

    I’d like to add more but I can only comment under my real name :-).

  7. As a man, and I feel on this I can speak for most heterosexual men on this subject. We don’t care. And there is no exclamation point. Just don’t care.
    But here’s my pennyworth pretending that I do care.
    Is it not like the belly button, some iny’s, some outy’s. But men don’t compare a b c d and say b is better. We don’t see that many vagina’s on show at one time to do a comparison. But you women do, especially now with the fleecing of the hair. So is this not the female version of dick measuring in the locker room.

    What I do care about is the manipulation and the how’s and why’s it’s being done.
    How it’s been done it is to pull in the insecurities of wanting to conform. To not be outside the pack. And that’s really really dangerous.
    God help anyone with daughters. You’d better have them fully armed, and how the hell do you do that any keep a childhood safe. Jeepers.

    • I was working on something entirely different and this connected in in an odd way. In Cognitive Therapy an indicator of a problem is a fixation with symmetry. This issue is more a male problem but not exclusively. But a realization drawn from CT is that symmetry much like eating disorders is a function of control. Where the notions of symmetry are a small area where control can be exercised. And where asymmetry, the ability to deal with it is one of the first indicators of a wellness forming.

  8. you’re wrong, the number of labia I haven’t seen in my lifetime is indeed an issue, it involves about fifty women and I’ve just spent three days now (on and off) counting them up. I’m sure to have missed a few because just when I thought I had it right an obscure one would pop up and I went “Uhhh!!!” Mind you, I started late, and in Tehran, which will seem preposterous. Before that there was an inept attempt in Albert Park which, being honest with myself, I’ve struck off. The point is this: before anything I’d seen photos of open vaginas and they looked horrible.

    There are facts, scientific truths of this woman’s part men just don’t want to know about. Medical procedures and etc. We’d rather our own visions; illusions. Ignorance, if you please.

  9. As you can guess, I am quite unqualified to make a comment, but I shall. Just to pick up about the hair, what is a teenage girl to do when her head tells her that hair natural and there is nothing wrong with it, but her friends are waxed and trimmed. If she was having some fun with a lad, would he put off as his other encounters have been with girls who were waxed and trimmed? I am glad it is not a decision I have to make or advise a daughter about.

  10. I expected a slap, I feel I’ve gotten away.

    My psychotic friend is stuck in the seventies (Cairns commune, circa 1971-74), still uttering the exact baloney served up to him by some dimwit hippie guru. He couldn’t progress – have fun at the time but then move on like the other ‘followers’ did – to a less-silly life with good earnings. Schizophrenia arrived in the latter part of that period. Now he is, as I say, stuck there. And prattling that appalling drivel.
    I don’t like change but it’s a certainty. People drop off and I miss them of course, but times have changed. It doesn’t mean I’m less interesting, I’m probably more interesting, but introspection arrives; self-criticism. The trouble is the longer you live the more blame you find for yourself. I’m suprised at you, sensitive about your appearance. People don’t show up? Well golly me, they know you, know who you are little Fen, people think they can just stroll in on me anytime, OH!- am I that needy?

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