Beach weather in March

Us Melburnians are sweltering through the heat still. Today was day 8 of temperatures over 32 degrees (90F).  The heat is meant to stretch out another 2 days, making 10 in a row and smashing all records for this time of the year.   I don’t mind the heat, however it would be nice for it to cool down a little at night.  Not around 2am, I’d like the heat to ease when it first gets dark!

Anyway today I thought I’d better make the most of our public holiday and trundle off to the beach. This may well be one of the last opportunities I’ll get.  Melbourne being the fickle mistress she is may turn on her heel and turn the other way after Wednesday this week.

it's changing...

it’s changing…

not as busy as beaches closer to the city

not as busy as beaches closer to the city

20130311_144838_0 20130311_142008_0

Seagulls keeping me company

Seagulls keeping me company

cloud porn

cloud porn


obligatory hoof shot

obligatory hoof shot

I spent a gorgeous 5 hours on the beach, even managing to get a nap in. Unfortunately Seaford ain’t what it used to be 10+ years ago. Now a myriad of boats park offshore and those horrid jet ski craft buzz up and down the water. If I had an accurate rifle I’d take pot shots at them as they whizzed by. I’ve been on one, and I find them boring after the first 5 minutes. Seriously. All they do is guzzle petrol and ruin the serenity. GET OFF MY WATER!

Anywho, long weekend was lovely. I could do with the whole week off however.  I have PMT and I’d rather not deal with people for the next few days.

~ by Fen on March 11, 2013.

4 Responses to “Beach weather in March”

  1. Yeah, thank fuck it’s on it’s way out. Am sick of it! SICK OF IT!!!!!!!!

  2. Hottest summer in Aussie history…. and still happening, if friends’ facebook statuses are anything to go by. You take a mighty impressive set of photos, Fen!

  3. I’m sitting here in sub freezing weather in my prairie home and privately having a hissy fit.

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