Monday Madness

I feel like I rarely update these days. Nothing much happens in my life really, that and I’m too tired to put more than a few words together.  That said, I shall make this a photo post with added words.

Work is super busy atm, we’re being audited this week by the body that gives us accreditation, which means they go over EVERYTHING with a fine tooth comb. Not much fun. Pretty sure by the end of this short week I’ll be ready for 4 days off!!


I finally got around to replacing my gas bottle on the Weber. I made this scrumptious roast for my friend Ben and I one weekend. Love roasts in cooler weather.


What sort of a nitwit gets their star sign as a number plate?  Taurus – sincere, talented, successful, embarrassing.


You know you hear those tales of people getting ridiculous bargains on ebay?  I picked up this Kriesler radio/record player for a mere $5.  Yup. It’s lovely.


Pippa was one month old the weekend just gone. She’s smiling and is very alert and active. I’m constantly astounded at how much I am smitten by this tiny human.  Still not enough to want my own however!


I spent far too much time peering up at the clouds. I’m sort of enjoying this cooler weather, though I need to get into gear and find me some Winter clothes. My wardrobe is seriously lacking in all things warm. I also need to buy myself some new knee high boots.


Come on, you know me, always horsing about!  Being properly serious and all that!  Ha ha ha.

~ by Fen on March 25, 2013.

3 Responses to “Monday Madness”

  1. We used to call them radiograms. Yours is brill. Funny, elsewhere I mentioned about my childhood times of staring up at clouds while lying in the sun on a warm winter afternoon.

    Horses head, bad mental association. A movie? A horse head? Butter as lube? Can’t recall now.

  2. I’d like to see you try to put on a 33 inch record on the radiogram wearing that horse head! 🙂

  3. Love seeing all your photos that you post. Can’t have too much cloud p0rn!

    Fkn bargain of the century with the record player! You’ll be scavenging for plenty of vintage records now! Wooo!

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