Long weekend goodness

Hello, two posts in one week?  Must be something wrong with the world!

I made it through this week, just. We had auditors in all week and I was part of a group that had to attend a meeting thing with two of them. It wasn’t bad. Not sure how we went, if we got re-accredited, no one actually bothered to let anyone know yesterday. I think everyone was just so tired they racked off home.

I made the rookie error of thinking my day would be easy, boy was I wrong. I spent what amounted to 5 hours trying to set up a new account with Optus for one of my clients. It turned into the biggest joke ever. To their credit, after me moaning on twitter, they did their best to fix the situation. Only after I’d waded through oceans of shit with the overseas, highly incompetent, sales team. MY GOD.  Their idea of customer service leaves a hell of a lot to be desired.

So today is what would have been my Mum’s 65th birthday. And Good Friday. I slept in til 11am, boy did I need that rest. Since getting up I’ve pottered about and procrastinated a hell of a lot.

I did take some more in the Sniffy the Pony series, which I them spammed everyone with. So apologies if you’ve seen these before, but I want to share again because I can. (slightly NSFW but you get that)

snifter01 snifter02

I want pizza. Are pizza shops open?  I wonder if my local fish and chip shop is open.  I have no food in my house.  I guess if all else fails I have a chocolate Lindt bunny I purchased for myself, because no one else will bother to get me anything for Easter.



Oh I did another one, thought I’d tack it onto the end of this post…


~ by Fen on March 29, 2013.

5 Responses to “Long weekend goodness”

  1. Ermahgerd! Nerkerd!

    I haven’t seen the top one before… me gusta. 😀

    We don’t do Easter eggs normally. But Smarty says he wants one, so we’ll go shopping tomorrow, and I’ll get the little dear an egg. :p

    • aw thanks m’dear, this was today’s wee project, some new Sniffy pics. I’ve got a few more in mind too. Yay.
      Aaw what sort does Smarty like? I’m so fussy with chocolate! Hah.

  2. You haven’t seen Dr Who already? Does this mean when It is on ABC Sunday night, it will have just been seen in Blighty?

    • it airs on Saturday night in the UK, so we see it a few hours after it airs there. It’s usually finished airing around 5 – 6am Sunday our time. Finally, we’re fast tracking stuff and getting it in good time here 🙂

  3. Excellent pix. Are the cat’s eyes actually that vivid green?

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