I spent my birthday in training/doing a course. Given it was a drizzly, cold day I wasn’t that bothered. But it was kinda weird having all these people around that didn’t know it was my birthday. No one to make a fuss of me, no one to buy me cake. Ah well. My birthdays are always a little disappointing.  Getting older will do that to a girl.

I’ve been relatively busy, but I can’t remember what I’ve been up to. I’m back in the dating scene, I’m sure I’ll have lots of stories, may not share them. I find it such an energy drainer at times, all that effort for something that may or may not go anywhere. That’s life, I know, but I’m a control freak and I hate it when effort leads to nothing. But never fear, it’s not doom and gloom and I’ll get over it!  Or reinforce my status as a mad cat lady. Meow.

My friend Ben purchased me an amazing radiogram for my birthday. It’s ever so sexy and in really wonderful condition. I need to increase my vinyl collection now coz I’m already sick of playing the stuff I have over and over. I’m making a list of stuff I really want and I’m trawling discogs in search of sellers.  Yay.

After my course yesterday I dropped in to see my sister and my niece. It was really lovely to spend a couple of hours with them, Pippa even did a little sick in my hair for my birthday!  Adorbs. I did have a go at changing her for bed and boy oh boy, all those arms and legs and trying to get them in the right spots, what an effort. Not to mention she was squawking like I was murdering her, I felt a little flummoxed. Afterwards my sister told me that it’s what she does for anyone, so I didn’t feel quite so bad ha ha ha!  We’ll get used to each other and we have a life time to do it.

My stomach hasn’t been wonderful lately. I had a ridiculously oily pizza on Friday night and I knew it was a mistake. I spent the weekend paying for it with liver pain and stomach cramps. The weekend before I spent the Sunday throwing up lunch, which wasn’t the best of times. I’m not overly concerned that anything has changed, I just think I need to be more aware of what goes in with my poor digestive system.  I also need to get back to the gym as my body is really missing the exercise. My membership ran out in February and I’ve not done much since because I’m eternally poor. But I think I’ll have to suck it up because I need to keep active.

The rest I shall do in pictures, because I’m sick of thinking.

my gorgeous radiogram

my gorgeous radiogram

yup I got myself a cow onesie! Hah.

yup I got myself a cow onesie! Hah.


football is back!

football is back!


Tamika being a ratbag

Tamika being a ratbag


Alex 'helping' to make the bed

Alex ‘helping’ to make the bed





she's just SO adorable

she’s just SO adorable


amazing birthday flowers

amazing birthday flowers



~ by Fen on April 16, 2013.

10 Responses to “38”

  1. sorry about the tummy but jeepers you knew. it’s what we think when we lift that 3rd G&T “this is the road to hell and I’m doing it anyhow”. sigh.

    why do all cats go crazy with sheets and doonas?
    gorgeous Tamika pics. x x

  2. But you had LOTS ‘n LOTS of lurve from the intratnets!!!

    I’ve found for the last 2 birthdays, I just wanted the day to myself, or just me and Mboy.
    Hard to believe my parents when they used to tell me as you get older, you don’t want a fuss made on your birthday, just some well wishes and a nice card. IT’S true!

    Willow LOVES it when we make the beds up. She goes potty trying to get under/in/over the quilt!!!

    • I did indeed. The older I get the less I care, though I do get a bee in my bonnet if certain people don’t ring me!

  3. Don’t s’pose you like ACDC? No, didn’t think so.

  4. Happy belated birthday! I think, if Love Chunks and Sapphire stopped being allergic to cats and Milly the dog could handle it, I’d like your Alex (those adorable stripes!)

    • Thanks Kath. It would be like having two dogs, Alex can be very dog like, down to the ridiculous wagging of his tail.

  5. Happy birthday, Aries baby! Love your cow onesie and I’m wondering if I could wear one to the office on casual Fridays …

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