12 days!

le Tour de France starts in 12 days. I can’t wait.  Yes I know they’re all probably terrible drug cheats, but I love sitting up late, watching the French country side whizz by. Not to mention those boys in lycra! Ha ha!  I don’t have a tellybox in my bedroom anymore, not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I never really watch it unless there’s something on in the middle of the night. I might spend a lot of time snoozing on the couch!!  YAY Tour Time!

two three six one four five

~ by Fen on June 17, 2013.

4 Responses to “12 days!”

  1. Yep, absolutely, it is the extra-curricular tour activities I love best.
    Certainement apres les drugs scandale, I have no faith in the actual pedallers.
    Bike-bored cameramen give us their best scenery effort I think.
    I like to have laptop on knee for Googling whatever chateau they mention, and of course Le Twitter.
    Bon chance.

    • I’d love to have one of those big fancy motorhomes you see on the side of the road over there, and follow le Tour around.

  2. oh I LOVE Winnebagos. just love them. Used to keep a gorgeous brochure photo on the frig, and had drawn my cat and dog curled up on the WinneBed, as I imagined they would be as I motored up and down the highways from beach to beach.
    One time in Tasmania, possibly at the BANJO’s in Ross, I saw a brand new Mercedes motorhome of the most stylish couple.
    All the French rental ones would already be booked for TDF 2014 though.

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