under the lens

I was in an important meeting yesterday, picked up my glasses out of their case and the arm fell off. I exclaimed in horror, then rolled my eyes. Upon closer examination it was not just a loose screw, the metal joiny bit had perished and come apart. I knew this wasn’t going to be a simple fix.

To be fair, I’ve had those glasses frames for 7 years, with 2 different prescriptions in them. I last had my eyes tested 6 months or so ago and didn’t have to change things.

my dearly beloved glasses

my dearly beloved glasses


I went to the football last night to see Essendon get flogged by the Poos & Wees (Hawthorn) and the glaring of the lights hurt my eyeballs. I am night blind (my eyes don’t adapt properly to the juxtaposition between night and bright), so bright lights at night are horrid – oncoming traffic headlights make me screw my face up and squint. I made up my mind to go in and see the sellers of spectacles first thing in the morning.

My Nan accompanied me to the spectacle store as I like a second opinion. I soon discovered it wasn’t the frames that were the expensive part. I’d forgotten I’d ordered fancy lenses so I could read and see in the distance and all sorts of fun things. Sigh. Just when you think you’re about to get ahead again things like this present themselves and demand you empty your bank account. Oh well. It’s not something I can do without, so I tried on a million pairs and settled on a pair that were the same brand as my old pair. They have a little bit of purple in them which is nice, not that you can see that in the really average photo I took of my tired, unimpressed face.

I look l was going to cry. Or punch someone in the face. Or both!

I look l was going to cry. Or punch someone in the face. Or both!


So after giving away all my hard earned dollars I then find out they’re going to take 7-10 working days to arrive. WTF!!!!  I NEED GLASSES! So I will have to MacGyver my old pair back together with sticky tape and blue tack and do the best I can.

For the next 2 weeks I shall be surviving on soup and bread and I shall be a complete recluse as I cannot afford to go ANYWHERE!


Here’s hoping they last another 7 years.


~ by Fen on July 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “under the lens”

  1. If I did a selfie while choosing frames it would not look as cool as yours.
    bravo Fen.
    Night blind? My favourite is on the Western freeway when some tall RV passes me because the 110 kph that I am doing is just not fast enough for them, and their flashing left indicator STROBES me in the right eye as they slide over in front of me far too soon. It is so important to them to obey the ‘right lane only when passing’ law, but they are doing 120 kms ph.

    I always wonder why frames cost $700 and they rely entirely on that microscopic screw. A handy hint from experience – never lay specs on keyboard. The weensy screw falls between the keys and that is only the beginning of the problem.
    Your Nan is just a pet. Speaking of pets. the Pininterest cat pages have plenty of fab Bengals. X X

    • I’ve never done pinterest! Bengals are lovely to look at so i’m sure people will make them popular!

      I guess at least the tiny screws can be replaced. It’s when they break in other areas that the problems begin.

      I hate it when cars come up behind me that have wonky lights and one is shining in your rear view mirror, blinding the crap out of you. I always flick my mirror up in disgust!

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