Wednesday part one

Being Single:

No, not another blog about online dating, though that would be far more amusing.

This is more of a rant because I am hurt and angry.  I got a message from a friend today (okay yesterday, I’m slow & get distracted easily), basically saying that “someone” had sent his wife an email saying that he was leading a double life, had been fooling about, blah blah. So of course the finger got pointed at me! That’s right, I’m single and horny and I’m here to steal your husbands. The thing that pisses me off most is this friend of mine I’ve seen twice in the last year, both times in public. I’ve never done anything and would never do anything with him. Yet here we are. Copping the scrutiny once again. I say once again because I have, in the past, lost a friendship over this exact thing.  And you know what? It hurts.

I’m not single because I want to steal your husbands. I’m single because I’m a reject when it comes to relationships. Because relationships freak me out. Why I would want to get involved with someone who is attached is beyond me. I’m a control freak, it wouldn’t suit my personality.

Job Stuff:

I had a job interview today with a different organisation. Similar role though. Unfortunately our sector is about to undergo major change, nothing I can really talk about at this stage, it’s all pretty unclear at the moment. All I do know is we are going to be losing our older clients and we are devastated by that. Apparently if you’re over 64 years of age and have a mental illness you are invisible.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about changing for a while, a few things have happened that have made me take a peek as to what’s out there. I’ve only halfheartedly gone about it as I love my colleagues and my clients. However I got a call from an agency during my staycation and I met with them. This lead to me going to an interview today with the actual company. It went really well, I was quite pleased and upbeat when I left. I’m not saying I will change jobs, but it’s good to see what is out there, to have the feelers out.  I need to be challenged, I also need more money (which I won’t get much more of in this new role ho hum). Mental health is SO POORLY PAID.

Leona Stuff:

I have a problem. I am a complete Leona Edmiston addict. I just purchased myself 2 more of her dresses, making that 14 in total. These two are maxis, so perfect for summer. It kinda amuses me that I adore these dresses so much, I am not usually a dress person. But it’s like these were designed just for me. I rarely pay full price for them, especially if I get them from eBay. My biggest bargain was snaring one for $42.50 that was worth over $400.  I have a couple of pics of some of the dresses. I really should do a photo of each one!!  Selfie whoring heaven ❤

love this one

love this one

slippers really make this outfit...

slippers really make this outfit…

maxi love

maxi love


I finally got around to doing my tax. I was scared after the palava that was last year. Thankfully it didn’t turn out like last year, so I am happy again. I might even be able to afford to get the car serviced, finally.

Pippa is just over 6 months old now and she is just adorable. Honestly I love that kid. I babysat her twice over my staycation and she was such a pleasure to be around.  Aunty Fen is smitten by the tiny human.

teaching her early about selfies!

teaching her early about selfies!

my happy niece

Spring is in the air. I’ve rediscovered my love for the garden and I’ve been pottering. I’ve also got 2 little greenhouses going with seeds of various plants. Seeing things grow makes me ever so happy. Not quite sure where I will plant them all, but I’m happy to spread the love if anyone wants seedlings. Pretty sure Harvey and I are taking my Nanna to Garden World this weekend. Oh my bank balance will suffer!

PS – tomorrow is Wednesday part two. For some reason I thought it was Wednesday all day today. So tomorrow will be the second installment! Like a double humped camel, without the spit.


~ by Fen on September 10, 2013.

7 Responses to “Wednesday part one”

  1. have you compared your baby face pix with Pippas cheery smile? I think there is a family resemblance.
    The poor care of anonymous maladjusted retirees will only get worse sadly, but not of Saint Gough and Dame Leonie Brainer who are side by side in the What Day Is It? ward and trying to crack the keypad escape code.

    You Nana is a star and you don’t mind swapping Leona money for happy Granny plants. I hope you have sunny for it. x x

  2. and a pox on that twisted emailer who may have that Grandiose Narcissism that KRudd’s got.

  3. Love the dresses…..once you find a style that works….so great!

  4. The dresses are very flattering. Half the population seem to enjoy wearing unflattering clothing.

    Kids at that age until about three years are adorable, extra so because they are someone else’s. They grow up so quickly though.

    Why do women always blame other women and not their husband? Perhaps they know how weak men are.

    • Thank you Andrew.
      Kids are best when they’re someone elses!
      Women are just catty, it’s easier to blame the other woman than admit they may have contributed to their husband straying somehow.

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