Friday Fen

Nothing seems to ever happen smoothly in my world. Unless of course I am running the show, then things are awesome! Hah.

I got my contract for my new job and realised they’re paying me at a lower rate than what I currently earn. Uuuh, sorry, can in no way afford to be doing that. So I’ve been trying to contact my new manager for three days. No answers to my phone calls or email. Today I found out that he’s been away sick and HR are trying to contact him at home. I’m quietly panicking on the inside as I have two weeks of my current job left and if they can’t work things out, will I be unemployed?  I don’t burn bridges, but my current manager wasn’t pleased I was leaving. Not sure she’d even consider me renegging on my resignation.

Of course I’m not the worlds most patient person, so having to wait for all of this to play out is killing me.

Anywho, let’s focus on the positives of the last week or so.

Last Thursday night I went to the Toff in Town to see Jherek Bischoff play a gig. Boy has he got some talent. Jherek is Amanda Palmer’s bass guitarist and a very talented musician in his own right. My companions and I scored the only 3 bar stools and watched the show whilst propping up the bar. It was a fabulous night.  Amanda Palmer and Missy Higgins joined Jherek on stage and we were treated to some amazing music.

(these photos by Carbie Warbie)

Jherek playing his uke

Jherek playing his uke

Amanda singing

Amanda singing

Jherek & Missy Higgins

Jherek & Missy Higgins


Then Friday night my companions and I had tickets to see Amanda Palmer @ The Forum. The line for the gig was looong and full of all sorts of weird and wonderful people. We somehow got fairly close to the front and stayed put all night. I didn’t have huge expectations of the gig and I was happily blown away. I danced and moshed and sang, it was brilliant. Amanda really is a fabulous entertainer and she was joined by all sorts of talented performers on the stage.  I finally got to see Die Roten Punkte live and they were hilarious and awesome.

There is a fab review here if you care to read, with some lovely photos. Needless to say I had a superb night!!

Everyone got up on stage and sang the Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams as the finale. It was perfect!

I then had an especially lovely weekend, spent in the company of an ever so easy to be around person, who made me smile.  The weather was fine, the food was delicious. Here’s hoping for an encore at some stage.

And in short sharp bursts here is the rest of the news:

  • my real estate got sacked by my landlord for being shit. I now have another agent who is probably going to be just as shit
  • my digestive system is fully borked. I’m full of reflux and pain and annoyances
  • Tamika Moo is allergic to spring and has welts on her neck, she’s going to the vets later today for injections
  • Pippa is CRAWLING. Oh that child is too cute. Honestly. She’s just turned 7 months old. Already!
  • my neck is still not right, I’ve given up caring
  • I got my tax back
  • I worry too much about things that are out of my control
  • I don’t care about the Grand Final and have no plans all weekend. I find this sad. Not the non caring, the no plans.
  • I need comfy shoes for summer, I’m still in love with my boots
  • My Leona collection obsession has reached new heights and I have banned myself from purchasing any more.



~ by Fen on September 27, 2013.

5 Responses to “Friday Fen”

  1. Even the non music appreciating me is quite impressed by those musicians.

    I would have imagined the pay would be a pretty standard rate, but obviously not. Why would you change jobs to earn less money, might be an argument you could use, whenever they get back to you. Good luck with it.

    • It was a great line up of musos, I felt very special to have seen them all in the one spot that’s for sure.

      I’ve told them I’m not moving for less, so who knows what will happen. It’s a little nerve wracking!

  2. ALL real estate personnel are vile liars.

    business studies refer to that stuff out of your control as The ExternalEnvironment. coping with it requires a zen Fen, good luck.
    My local Myer has a LE sale floral wrap frock at $90 and I nearly rushed there to buy it and that is all your influence.
    At the interview stage did they not mention the rate? I am sure you blogged it was better. good luck with that as well. and what kind of a boss goes away when there is new key staff?

    get well soon Tamika Moo. X X

  3. I am truly pitiful. I have never even heard of these musicians. I showed it to Bing and she (of course) immediately knew them. I share a clothes obsession. Except is mine is Free People. I own far too many of their clothes.

    • See the thing with these Leona dresses is it’s like they were made just for my body shape and size. It’s rare that I ever find something I am so comfortable in (let alone dresses). So I say clothes obsessions are great!

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