I don’t cope well with goodbyes.

If I had my way I would slink off when no one was looking, no fuss, no trouble.

But this week and next is all about goodbyes.  I’ve started my final visits with my clients. It’s mentally draining.  They’ve all been lovely, saying really sweet things to me, thanking me for working with them. I find it a little hard that once you’ve left your client that’s it. You never really know what happens with them. They just cease to be a part of your world. Kinda weird. But that’s part of this job I guess.

Next week will be the big farewell. My colleagues.  I really adore the girls I work with. They’ve been amazing, supportive, non judgmental and just really lovely ladies. There’s no politics, no bitching, just a laid back environment where we all get along and we all do our job.  I honestly couldn’t ask for a better environment. Why am I leaving again?  Anyway, we’re having dinner, I’m going to struggle. There may be tears. At least I can keep in touch with them and there’s always the option to go back in the future.

So tonight I’m just pottering about, doing not much, recharging my brain.

Taking some silly photos


It’s meant to be nice and warm tomorrow, I plan on making the most of the sunshine. I need to feed off its energy to give me strength for the next week.


~ by Fen on October 4, 2013.

5 Responses to “Goodbyes”

  1. So they pay issue is resolved. I used to socialise with some workmates. It is not that I dislike them, but if I left tomorrow, I wouldn’t care if I never saw any of them again.

    • I know what you mean Andrew. I have kept in contact with a couple of people that I used to work with in the past. The rest just faded into the background.

  2. When my little girl was in grade three at Sandringham primary I moved to Highett and the Sandringham Headmaster said she should transfer to the school there. I had a little argument with him. I wanted her to stay at Sandringham because it was a better school (posh area) but he said (about moving on in general) “That’s life.”

    He was right. Although I’ve always found it a hard thing for myself to do, Unfortunately.

  3. So yes, endure the weeping and all the rest, but move on.

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