Week one down…

I started my new job this week and it has all gone rather well. I guess when you’re coming into a job that really isn’t dissimilar to your old job, it’s not too bad. It’s just working out the lie of the land and the personalities and so on.  My colleagues (one guy, 3 women) are all great. A really good mix of personalities and attitude.  I am fairly sure that everything will be good in the future.

In a perfect welcome to the Dandenong area, our work cars all got broken into during the week. Junkies no doubt, smashing one window to gain access and finding nothing inside. Morons. Annoying though.  I discovered an amazing Polish Bakery and a German Deli (who kill and smoke their own meats) and investigated the Market which is ten kinds of awesome. So yes Dandenong might be a rough and tumble area, but the pay off is amazing multiculturalism and food!!  My colleagues are all fond of food so this is a bonus!!

I’m feeling positive and happy with the transition.

Today I got up early and had my grocery shopping done by 9.30am, before the shops got too busy. I need to go to the big BBQ shop but that might wait til tomorrow.  It’s going to be a quiet weekend for me as I have almost a month between pay cycles, so I need to go easy on the bank balance (which should mean I also ban myself from the internet as online shopping is my ‘thing’.)

I’ve just been watching Gogglebox, what a laugh. The Brits sure do some funny shows. It makes me a little reminiscent of my time in the UK, my flatties and I used to watch a bit of TV together and have some laughs.  The middle aged, posh soaks make me snigger a lot. And I just can’t get over the couple who watch everything in bed together, eating their way through packets of biscuits and things. God, the crumbs!!

If you didn’t catch Redesign my Brain on ABC over the last few weeks, I thoroughly recommend watching it on iView, especially the last episode. Todd Sampson is fabulous and I so want to sign up to have my brain zapped and tested and rewired!!

(as usual click zee pics to see them bigger)

Not much else to report from Fen world. Well nothing I want to divulge! Ha ha. Submarines need internet. I shall say no more 😉


~ by Fen on October 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “Week one down…”

  1. Submarines don’t have internet? Extraordinary. Absence makes the lust grow stronger.

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