Now it’s November!

I’m not quite sure how it is November already. I’m happy and freaked out all at once. Week 2 of the new job went well, I’m settling in and getting to know how it all runs. It’s always interesting, the more you spend time somewhere, how quickly the little nuances are visible, how when people’s guards are down what you notice. Nothing bad, just the way people relate to each other, that sort of thing. I’ve always found it fascinating, so coming into a new environment is kinda fun like that.

I spent yesterday down at Seaford beach, relaxing and soaking up some Vitamin D. Gone are the days whereby it would be me and a handful of other people, it’s becoming popular down there now. And rightly so, it’s a gorgeous part of the bay.  I braved the chilly water, apparently it’s all of 15 degrees at the moment. It was fresh!! But I’ve had my first dip and I look forward to many more days spend at the beach.  (the layout of these pics looks better on my blog page, feedly & other readers tends to make it look like a mish mash).

One thing I do detest in a big way is water craft – namely jet skis. It seems that the last few years has seen an explosion of these noisy things and all you hear all day long is the noise pollution of said annoyances. If I had my way I’d have me a long range sniper rifle and I’d sit taking pot shots at them from the beach. GET OFF MY WATER.

I’ve spent today in the garden and resting up. My stomach had another of its world famous turns and I was sick earlier. It gets a bit tedious to be honest, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Once the pain subsides and the food has exited my body, I am okay within an hour or so. Just frustrating.  I’ve discovered I have upwards of 10 tomato plants in my garden, dotted about in places other than pots. They must have self seeded from dropped tomatoes last year! I’ll leave them and see how they go.

I’m working tomorrow then have Cup Day off. I also have Friday off as my bestie from Sydney is down on Thursday night. So can’t wait for that. Hurrah.

~ by Fen on November 3, 2013.

10 Responses to “Now it’s November!”

  1. Nicely aligned on Firefox and The Old Reader. You need a multiple shot rifle to deal with the numbers. 5 knots only when less than 200 metres from shore. I am sure they don’t need to be so noisy. Who would worry about them if they were quiet and stayed away from shore?

    Cool selfie.

    • Thanks Andrew!
      If I check in Feedly it is a mess, but who can be bothered working it out!
      If we as a country are so badly off, why such an increase in fast boats and other craft? Hmmmm.

  2. I believe you can still get a Thompson submachine gun (“Chicago Typewriter”) much favoured by Al Capone’s gang.
    So if you’re interested let’s know, I’d be willing to become Clyde to your Bonnie.

    • Interested? I’m in! Though I’d have to be the Baywatch version of Bonnie as it gets hot at the beach (minus the big boobs of course)

    • Wait, it says it’s inaccurate over 50 yards, we can’t use one of those RH! I say we go for a M107

  3. Okay, I’ll ask around. We’ll be needing a 1930s Ford as well.

  4. Ive never been to Seaford Beach – shall have to take a trip there one day 🙂 Beautiful day for it!!
    Im a black thumb gardener! Everything dies hehe

    • It’s a really pleasant beach, but not near the pier. I’ll have to take you to my secret spot some day, only if you make baked goodies! 😉

  5. Seaford beach? The ti-tree there was a very popular canoodling place in the 1940’s and I believe I was conceived there in the backseat of a 1928 Singer soft-topTourer.
    Jetskis are Beach BOGAN Bango and my friend’s husband was killed at Port Melbourne by one who has not been incarcerated for the crime.

    Sorry your systems are giving you grief – can you take comfort from the fact that it keeps you slim enough to bikini on the beach?

    • Might be a different tree, this one has no car access near it, just a meandering path.
      Sorry to hear about your friend and that’s just so wrong that no justice has been done 😦

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