Happy 50th!!!



~ by Fen on November 24, 2013.

4 Responses to “Happy 50th!!!”

  1. and 50 years ago I used to watch it. On B&W TV weeknights at 6pm.
    about the same time as rushing out in the backyard to look up at the moving speck in the sky that was Sputnik or something similar with some poor bloody dog in it. the guy who devised the radiophonic theme ‘music’ for Dr Who was Ron Grainer an Australian working at the BBC
    (that’s from memory, I suppose if I guggle it something else will come up).
    X X

  2. This is very sweet, Fen. I confess that I wasn’t the Dr. Who fan in our house, but I certainly remember the show being on, so I’m feeling a pleasant nostalgia…

  3. I want to watch it again in about two weeks time. There was too much hype going on and I expected more excitement. Repeat please, ABC. I must admit I did like John Hurt as the Doctor than the other two but he wouldn’t have worked with the young chickies the Doc picks up this generation.

  4. Hi, i don’t understand Dr Who, I understand its fans a lot less.
    The Wild One is on tonight (12.20 am, ABC 1). Try to watch it, Brando was one hell of an actor. I think Lee Marvin is in it too. A friend of mine (scuba diver) met Marvin up in Cairns one time, stopped him in the street. Lots of “Yo!” and backslapping. “Go see my next movie,” said Marvin.

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