Thursday Blues

I’m feeling over the world at the moment. I’ve had a virus, most of us at work have had it. Sore, blocked ears, slight sore throat, dizziness, lethargy. So over it. It’s gotten me in a funk to be honest & I’m completely unimpressed. I feel super sooky and rubbish and I’m making really poor decisions. It’s times like this I need to lock myself away and not talk to anyone lest I fuck things up. The saboteur in me runs riot!

I did enjoy the weather yesterday, despite my funk. The sunshine was amazing. Then I almost got wiped out by a moronic driver on the way home from work. That put the wind up me. I was waiting to turn right at the lights, then my arrow went green. The car in front of me turned and as I took off a driver sped through the red light and almost cleaned me up. He was going like a bat out of hell too, it wouldn’t have been pretty. I hate this time of year, drivers become even more impatient and ridiculous and people seem to get stressed out over nothing.

I’m invited to do the usual family Christmas thing, but this year I just don’t know. I feel like giving it a miss. I’m the black sheep, the non breeder of the family. I just feel like a social leper. Then again, who wants to stay at home eh.

I spent most of my weekend with a friend, searching high and low for a bed. Thankfully I found one that really grabbed my attention and I put a deposit on it. Hopefully it arrives in the next couple of weeks. I couldn’t afford a new mattress yet, mine isn’t too bad anyway. That can be the next thing I save up for.

the in-store version

the in-store version

from the catalogue - I can't afford the sidetable things

from the catalogue – I can’t afford the sidetable things


The Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode was amazing. Blew me away. I saw it 3 times in one day!! The 3D version at the cinema was the best, the 3D wasn’t all in your face and over done, it was perfect. I’d love to see it again in 3D actually.

I made this one!

I made this one!


Tonight I had a stress test on my heart. I get a lot of dizziness when I exercise and the GP wanted to get it checked out. It came back normal, which I thought it would. It’s just my electrolyte levels because of my liver and my blood pressure that doesn’t adjust as quickly as it should.  They told me I was the fittest person that had been in for the stress test this week, boy they must have some unfit folk in there, I’m by no means fit!!

I set myself up a VPN last week and now I can watch live and on demand UK shows, which is brilliant for me as I have a few UK shows that I am addicted to.  My poor little tablet stopped working 2 weeks ago, apparently it is ready to be picked up tomorrow which will be lovely. I’ve been a little lost without it. I’ll be interested to see what they diagnosed from it.

Anywho, I hate this time of the year, I miss my Mum and I need cuddles. The end.

~ by Fen on November 28, 2013.

3 Responses to “Thursday Blues”

  1. While not quite the same, virtual hugs from me. You may feel like a black sheep, but as you get older, family become increasingly important.

  2. Yay! A new bed! Hopefully it will come soon 🙂 You’ll have to take time off as you won’t want to get out of it!! Haha

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