One is the loneliest number…

So, December 1, we meet again.

I’ve been feeling really unsettled this week. I’ve had an ear infection and have been feeling meh and flat.

This time of the year always makes me question my life. I am acutely aware of not having my Mum in my life, some years I am good, some years I struggle a little. This year we have some of the latter.

I believe I am a fairly well adjusted, resilient, interesting person who doesn’t have too many hang ups and hasn’t been beaten too badly with the ugly stick.  However my lack of “relations” would tell me otherwise. Maybe I have my own personal barriers erected. I just don’t know anymore.  Most of the time I’m happy plodding along with my own life, but from time to time I feel like I’ve done something really wrong to be so alone in the world.  Be mindful that being alone and lonely are two different things, I’m certainly not lonely. I feel like I live a good life and do most of the things I want. I just want to share my days with someone. I want to have someone to come home to, to cook dinner for, or to cook dinner for me (that’s more like it), curl up on the couch and watch the tellybox or listen to the wireless.

I look at people around me and really begin to question why. I believe I am a pretty good person to know. I have empathy in bucket loads, I am fairly humorous, really easy going, I don’t get stressed out by much.  I like to do stuff, I’m spontaneous, talkative, driven, flexible (noo, not in that way), would you like me to write up a dossier on my character? I am also exceedingly aware of my flaws, I tend to over analyse, I can be impulsive, loud, stubborn but certainly not anything that is a deal breaker as far as I’m concerned.  I was called needy earlier this year, but upon further inspection of this I believe (and have been told) I am no more or less needy than other women. What is needy anyway? Wanting someone to communicate with you, be a proper grown up? Maybe I was being Gaslighted (have you noticed how much that term has been around in the last week or so?). Funny how this stuff appears. I had a relationship in my 20’s where that happened to me on a daily basis, so maybe I am a little paranoid about it and have a little baggage. BUT WHO DOESN’T at this age?

Maybe it’s because I don’t want to do the casual thing anymore, or because I’m not attracted to married folk (seriously, why are they attracted to me?). And don’t get me started on all the damn polygamists, it’s not my thing! Maybe it’s because men think I want kids, even when I make it clear I do not. Maybe they want them? I don’t know.

I take care of myself. Since my surgeries I’ve kept my body in pretty good shape and I eat well and exercise (okay maybe not as much as I would like, but you get that).  Again, if I compare myself to people I know around my age, I’m kicking goals in this department (shush, I’m being critical, not pumping my own ego, I’m not comfortable with putting this into words).

Gratuitous picture time, because no one else gets to appreciate my hard work. Here internets, look at my stupid, unappreciated body!

PicsArt_1384803343230 (1)

Just as an aside, I went to the cardiologist the other day for a check up and he lifted my top to put the leads and stuff on me – then went all wide eyed. I mostly forget now that I have a great big scar on my abdomen. I could care less, it’s a very cool scar to own. 

So why, despite putting myself out there, despite all my best intentions, am I seemingly destined to be alone?


I’ve become so used to doing everything my way, on my terms, in my own time, it’s really not healthy.  I have amazing friends. I have amazing single female friends who are in the same boat as me. Why is this? 

Oh internets, I don’t expect you to come up with the answers to my questions. I’m merely venting in the hope that it may make me feel better about my world.

The way I’m feeling right now I can’t even be bothered with the whole Christmas Day thing. I think my Nanna feels the same way. I was there earlier today having a cuppa with her. Maybe I should steal her and we could go on a trip for the day. Ha ha.

Thankfully I have a friend from Perth coming over for the NYE period, so that will be wonderful. He’s a lot of fun & has a good energy about him.

Anyway, Summer has arrived and it’s been a gorgeous hot day. Here’s to a long and lovely Summer full of BBQ’s and beach days and who knows, maybe I’ll find the right person for me. But even if I don’t, I’m going to enjoy it.



I heart this building

I heart this building

stuffed toys in a window

stuffed toys in a window

Christmas in Fed Square (& a posing lady)

Christmas in Fed Square (& a posing lady)

Did an Andrew & got no people in my Fed Square pic!

Did an Andrew & got no people in my Fed Square pic!

battling fat green caterpillars this year, poor tomatoes

battling fat green caterpillars this year, poor tomatoes

happy flowers

happy flowers

Alex looking pensive in the garden

Alex looking pensive in the garden


~ by Fen on December 1, 2013.

9 Responses to “One is the loneliest number…”

  1. Brutally, if you are not in a relationship at your age, it won’t happen. You are too set in your ways to allow anyone else in.

    Kindly, I will say that what you have to do in a relationship to maintain it is rather a lot, sometimes killing what you know is right and even quashing your own natural instincts. There are now a lot of non conventional relationships out there. Embrace the non conventional. Just don’t move in with them.

    It was a horridly hot day.

    • You’re probably right, but I’m not going to give up. I’m not conventional but I do know what will and won’t work for me.

      It was horridly hot because you were shopping, silly!

  2. This is all confused and muddle-headed, You think you’re unloveable because you live alone? What hogwash. It’s your choice. I’ve lived with women and it’s been dreadful.

    Never again, I’d rather be in jail. Mind you, I love them ALL. But familiarity breeds divorce, you should know that. And love is fine – at separate addresses.

    • No RH it’s got nothing to do with living alone. That I’m perfectly fine with.

      Sorry for not being more succinct.

  3. Your latest photo is enormously succinct, more curves than the Yarra Boulevard.

    (If I may say)

  4. You’re introspective, that’s your trouble. Mine too.

    • Ha ha ha is it a good thing to have more curves than the Yarra Boulevard? Yes I know, I’m very introspective, it drives my own mind bonkers!

  5. I read your blog… interesting… I think what your problem is that you know you are good, but you want someone to discover it rather than you actually establishing a relationship with someone and showing it. There are many people who feel there is nothing wrong with them, they shouldn’t be single but they wait and they wait and they wait… I ‘d say go and meet more men, zero down on the one you like and show what you are truly made of…

    • I think your problem is you don’t know me and you’re so far from the mark it’s not funny!! But you’re entitled to that opinion. I wait for nothing, but you would know that if you’d actually read my blog.

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