weekend waffling

I had a reasonably busy weekend and I’m glad that Monday is almost over with.

Saturday morning there was no chance of a sleep in for me, in fact I woke up as the sun peeked over the horizon, courtesy of the cacophony of birds mixed with the stirrings of the cats. I snoozed til 7am then dragged my butt out of bed again.

good morning

good morning

I wafted about the house, got showered & dressed and awaited my plumbers. They arrived on time and started their work. I had a wee perve then sat out in the sunshine for a while, finishing my Christmas shopping via online purchases. They were two fine specimens of plumbers. My cold water has been slow and awful since I moved in here, but it’s been getting much worse recently. The shower came out at a drip, which was ridiculous. Finally my landlord sacked one real estate and hired another, which meant they actually got told of the issues. Anyway, the plumbers were here to replace all my old pipes.

one severely corroded pipe

one severely corroded pipe

And any wonder I was having issues, take a look at the state of that!! Disgusting. I drank and showered in that water! I feel so unclean ha ha. It took them til midday to finish up and I now have wonderful normal strength flowing cold water again. I’m ever so pleased.

In the arvo I went down to the beach for a bit, then dropped in to see my sister and my niece. We sat in the backyard and Pippa amused herself in a big container of water, soaking everything within splashing distance. She so needs a toddlers pool for Christmas. She has cut two teeth and she grows so fast.

IMG_20131207_145656 IMG_20131207_221632

Sunday I went to the big green shed with Nan in the morning, we both needed organic caterpillar killer. Bloody pests. I picked my first tomato this weekend, a lovely tomatoberry variety, that is sweet and delish.

Later on a friend came by and we went to Southland to do wedding present shopping. We did very well and didn’t take too long to find suitable gifts. It was a fun afternoon actually.  I may have purchased myself some ‘presents’ too!

coloured glass

coloured glass

i ended my 3 month self imposed Leona ban with this purchase

i ended my 3 month self imposed Leona ban with this purchase

By the end of the weekend I needed another day off! Alas I had to go to work on the wettest of days. Not sure it stopped raining for more than a few minutes for most of the day. Thankfully it is going to clear up by the end of the week, and hopefully will be lovely for my work Xmas party Friday night and the wedding I’m attending/shooting at on Sunday.

wet and dreary

wet and dreary



~ by Fen on December 9, 2013.

4 Responses to “weekend waffling”

  1. Your landlord sacking the agent is interesting. Tenants and public opinion are always ready to blame greedy landlords but sometimes things are more complicated than that.

    • My landlord has been reasonable, she had been f*cked over by the old agents it seems. They didn’t tell her anything and fobbed me off constantly. Thankfully things change.

  2. Wooh!- very Japanese.

    I’m taking you to Tokyo: Atomic Bomb Number Three.

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