The day of food

I started my day earlyish and had to drive down to Flinders for breakfast. Thankfully the traffic was light and with some good tunes I made it down in good time.

Growing up, we always had breakfast with our neighbours before heading out to our respective lunches. This year we’ve resurrected the tradition. It was a lovely way to start the day. My neighbours built their house down there and have planted a wonderful, mostly native, garden.  I really enjoy wandering about the gardens taking it all in.  We had loads of wonderful food & had a very laid back breakfast (click on pics to view bigger)

I was reluctant to leave, the weather was perfect & the beach tantalisingly close, alas I had lunch to attend.

The drive back up was uneventful, apart from being glad that I wasn’t going to Flinders at that hour, the traffic on Peninsula Link was heavy.

More awesome food followed then I kicked back with my family as we chatted and laughed. I got to cuddle the latest family member who is rather cute.

Going home I gave my Nan a lift. Christmas was almost ruined by a driver who apparently didn’t see me and pulled out from a side street right into my path. I’m honestly not sure how I avoided him, with a screaming of brakes and swerving. We both sat there for what seemed like minutes, shaken but in one piece. My Nanna congratulated me on my awesome skills and we took off again. Later I wish I had punched the driver in the mouth for making me age at least 10 years.

Later in the evening, after some relaxering, I went to the beach for an hour. It was still warm and I wanted to see the sunset. There were a lot of people down there, it was quite nice.


Today, the day after the day of food, I’ve been lethargic and fairly lazy. I didn’t wake up til 9am and I lazed in bed for a while. Then I watched ‘The Time of the Doctor’, cried at Matt Smith leaving, then pottered about until the cricket started. Then I went back to bed! I snoozed until the lunch break, then got up and decided to go to the shops!  I fluked a spot outside my gym and walked over. It was pure madness in Southland. I’ve never seen it so busy. I’m not sure where people find money to spend up, most people had multiple bags. I got what I wanted – food and a new doona cover, then fled.  That sort of environment makes me want to commit homicide!

new doona cover!

new doona cover!


I don’t get any time off, so it’s back to work tomorrow. Ho hum. I plan on doing as little as possible.


~ by Fen on December 26, 2013.

9 Responses to “The day of food”

  1. Great photos and what a nice garden. The doona cover looks ideal for summer.

  2. Beautiful bed cover.

    Beautiful bed.

    Watch out for Goldilocks (RH in a blonde wig).

  3. Fen, I love the doona cover and I’m off to Southland today. I like to pick over the Christmas ornaments and Lincraft has 40% off.

    • good luck at Southland, I hope it’s no where near as busy as it was yesterday. Love Lincraft, I hope you find some bargains.

  4. Thanks for the gorgeous photos. It’s nice to remember that the Southern Hemisphere is celebrating midsummer and going to the beach at Christmas! I’m in New England with the snow.

  5. Lovely doona cover!
    My cousin lives in King St at Flinders, I grew up visiting the family holiday house there, just a lovely little village, bliss 🙂
    Insane shoppers *shudder*

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