Cross your bits please

I’ve got a job interview on Thursday, for a team leader position at my current job.

So Thursday morning I would appreciate it if you could cross your bits and send some positivity in my direction.  I’d really like to get this one and I think I’m in with a good chance.  I would like 2014 to be the year that I shake and move.


PS – this is my 2500th blog post!!


~ by Fen on January 6, 2014.

10 Responses to “Cross your bits please”

  1. 2500, I think you beat Highriser.
    All bits that can be crossed will be. I may even light candles and incense.

  2. No she doesn’t Jah Teh, but she has been around a long time. Elsewhere I have also heard Fen has been around a long time.

    Ah, good luck Fen. You are on the road to being a government mental health spokesperson, which is slightly better than being the English government Minister for Northern Ireland.

  3. Best wishes, bits crossed!

    PS: The sticky yellow notes are one of my favorite office supplies.

  4. Best wishes, crossed bits and go for it, Fen!

  5. I did wish you well but then got a message “your comment could not be posted”. Friday 2pm and I don’t suppose they have let you know yet so my bits are still crossed for the result you want.

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