I didn’t get the job.

Someone applied who used to be the team leader, who had left to go travelling and had come back. I get it, logical choice.

Still disappointing.

I’m retreating into my Fen bubble for a bit, to lick my wounds. I may have a tough, brash exterior, but I take a lot to heart.



~ by Fen on January 10, 2014.

17 Responses to “Nein”

  1. Pouting does not become you Fen. Now haven’t you got some cheering entertainment on at the weekend to enjoy? Don’t worry about me at work both days and not even being able to go to poof christmas on Sunday..

    • aw no! You are working all weekend. Bugger. Hopefully I’ll get to poof christmas on Sunday, depends on my friend and whether he can get organised. I did remind him today that we are going!

  2. Well golly me you’ve just started a new job and expect a promotion straight away. Or is that how it goes in govt employ? I do know it’s a good bludge and you can’t get the sack.

    • I don’t work in a Govt employed job RH and part of me taking the job there, a sweetener if you like, was that they said I could move up quickly.

  3. Personally, I find it helpful to punch pillows. Sorry!

  4. Well I’m ready to be astounded but can’t imagine any non-government place giving free help to the mentally ill.

  5. Maybe it’s Prahran Mission. Churchy. A sort of suburban CWA. Is that it?

    How disgraceful.

  6. I can’t think what it is. Tell me.

    (Municipal councils are govt you know.)

  7. ha ha, I don’t want to know. Not exactly. But it has to be govt. Or church.

  8. Don’t worry, I used to be a Peeping Tom but am retired now.

    And I did actually stalk someone once but then they turned it around and stalked me. Never again.

    • Bwahahahahaha You’d be dead set bored stalking me, I don’t do much I work near Dandenong, can’t be too hard to work out who for, there’s not many mental health providers here.

  9. You might remember that when you lived in Brunswick I told you to stop giving clues to your address. I could have found the place.
    Consciously or unconsciously some bloggers make where they live blatantly clear, Sixth in Line for instance has never given out her address as such, but by dancing around it with hints, photos, etc, she may as well have.
    I definitely don’t want to know where you work, I just assumed it was Human Services. But you say it’s non-goverment. How intriguing. Because I can’t think what else.

    • Oh RH as if I care who knows where I live. I’m boring and I’m also more than capable of looking after myself.

      I would never work for DHS. Unless I had a death wish

  10. Boring, never.

    Coy, yes.

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