I’m not one for labels, but most people seem to label themselves when it comes to their sexuality. Heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, pansexual, whatever floats your boat.

I read an interesting article in the Guardian today about the latest round of female pop stars cavorting with each other for attention, and how it can make it difficult for women who actually identify as bisexual, for example.

“According to a recent report, 16% of women aged 16-44 have had a same-sex experience, yet far fewer label themselves as anything other than hetero.

Why? Could it be because bisexuals are stigmatised as greedy and untrustworthy, often considered only half-committed to the cause by fully-fledged gay people or promiscuous in the eyes of those who are straight? Bisexual has almost become a byword for anything goes, and more often than not bisexuals are thought of as attention-seeking. Two superstars frolicking the to get the attention of a man certainly doesn’t help the bisexual cause, which is why I have beef with Shakira and RiRi.”

I really don’t discuss my sexuality with most people, mainly because after all these years I’m still not really sure what I am. I know I’m not straight and that is a definite.  To be honest, I don’t mind, whatever I am I’ve never fit in with mainstream society. Even as a person, sexuality aside. I’m marching towards 40, single, no kids, living alone, quiet happy thank you very much.  Okay, I could do with a more constant source of shenanigans, but whatever.

I ate a sumatran coconut icecream and now I have forgotten the whole point of this blog post. Apologies for my alzheimers brain that is easily distracted.  Ooh pretty shiny things…

Let’s see, what’s news? How is everyone?

I’m booked in to get a new tattoo in 12 days. It’s part of a quote that I have been wanting for a long time now. All will be revealed in time. I have another, bigger one that I want to get, and was booked in for aaages ago, in the pipeline. I was a little put off by that experience and by the fact that Gen Y seem to have a thing for ink, but fuck them all, I got my first tattoo 21 years ago, before most of their weeny asses were conceived, so they can stay off my lawn. Or something. *shakes fist* Besides which, I’m fast approaching a mid life crisis, I may even have it before I turn 40, so I need to distract myself with lovely painful things.

This is where I am getting mine done too, though my bingo wings are bigger!!

This is where I am getting mine done too, though my bingo wings are bigger!!

Ooh, the No H8 Campaign is coming to Melbourne and people can go have their photo taken for the cause next weekend.  I always wanted to have my pic done & participate, I’ll see if I can make it next weekend. I am going out Friday night to see Adam Freeland with my friend, we’re dragging our zimmerframes onto the dance floor for a night of break beat and awesome. I dare say it won’t be an early to bed night, so I might not be able to resurrect myself the following day!! If anyone wants to go, let me know and you can make me go too!! Ha ha.

the cast of the Real L Word

the cast of the Real L Word

Pippa turns ONE in around 2 weeks. ONE, already?! I spent yesterday afternoon with her and she beat me up and laughed a lot at me. She’s just so amazing. She makes my heart swell with love and joy.

20140130_180731_1 20140208_182934_1

The weather has been stinking hot all weekend, well for weeks really. We’re having a very hot summer, which isn’t so bad, but when the nights don’t cool off then grumpy faces appear. Last night I went to bed around 11pm and at some stage the wind blew my door open. My front door is due for replacement and the security (wire) door sometimes does not latch properly. So I got up around 3.30am to find that Alex was gone. Panic set in big time and I spent hours outside with a torch trying to find him. Of course to no avail. Eventually he trotted back into the back yard and our paths crossed, much to my relief.  So that was Alex’s first big adventure into the wide world, sans walking jacket and leash. I’m relieved beyond words that it ended okay.


My garden is looking very much the worse for wear. I have given up on most of it, though I still water. My tomatoes are coming to an end which is a shame.  By far the best ones were the little cherry type ones, oh so full of flavour. Yummy.


I had a good look at my hair today and realised that not only is my fringe rather long, but my grey hairs are sticking out like little beacons in the night. I really need to get onto having it dyed again. I think I’ll stick to doing it myself, hairdressers seem to charge two arms and a leg for the privilege.


~ by Fen on February 9, 2014.

5 Responses to “Labels”

  1. I am one of the those people who does not get bisexuality. I can understand how someone can have sex with either sex, but surely there is a preference for one or the other that you would identify with.

    Alex knows when he is on a good wicket and returned quickly.

    Pippa looks gorgeous. Treasure the moments as they so quickly get old.

    Like you I was tattooed years ago, discretely. I dislike tattoos that are always visible.

    I would almost believe in god if he did actually invent cherry tomatoes.

    • That’s okay, I don’t get being attracted to one sex only! It is just the way some people are. No preferences.

      I’m treasuring the moments, she’s growing up so very fast. I love her to bits.

  2. how ya gonna keep him down on the farm now that he has had a taste of The Big Beyond? (so glad he came home) x x

    • He’s good, he goes out on his leash most days, so he’s pretty happy. He just took advantage of a wonderful opportunity!

  3. Be my Valentine!


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