Five birthdays in four days

This weekend was the annual weekend of birthdays. Two 70ths, two 30 somethings and one 1st. Saturday night was a dinner for my Father with his nearest and dearest. It was a lovely night at Slippery Jacks, a restaurant in Beaconsfield. My Father is an ex teacher and a lot of his teacher friends I have known since I was a wee thing, so it was lovely to see some of them again.

Sunday we made the journey down to Flinders, to the house of our old next door neighbours, formerly from Upper Beaconsfield. The weather was picture perfect, as was the house and gardens. A wonderful afternoon was had by all. There are a lot of photos on my flickr account if you’re interested. I shall post a couple here.


Pippa choosing a football team

Pippa choosing a football team

I was going to attempt to go to White Night on Saturday night, but after seeing Andrew’s tweet about the trams being extremely difficult to get onto, and the fact that I had to get up at a reasonable hour on Sunday, I gave up the idea pretty quickly. The photos of the displays looked lovely!!

I also got new ink on Friday night, from the lovely Ben @ the Piercing Urge. I am very impressed with his work. We’re in discussions regarding my next piece!


Is it the weekend yet? I’m tired already!

~ by Fen on February 24, 2014.

4 Responses to “Five birthdays in four days”

  1. I like the ‘intelligent’ tattoo. I thought of you on Sunday down on the Peninsula. It was such a nice day weather wise here, but with a bit of a breeze. I thought, I hope the breeze is not too strong down there.

  2. That’s a great tattoo. I head about the White party. Maybe next year? I’m feeling too old to do such things personally. I bore myself. xx

    • Thanks!
      Next year they’re talking about doing it over 2 nights and having better public transport, so maybe. I think if I go I’ll do it at 2am!

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