Monday Musings

I pinched this from Fi, but I can’t link you to her blog coz it’s private. Suffice to say, she’s lovely.

Making :: Noise. Coz I can. Currently listening to Tool.
Cooking :: not a lot, I have a bug and it makes eating painful and awkward.
Drinking :: iced tea, it’s my new addiction
Reading :: Forged with Flames, though it is hard as it’s about Ash Wednesday and it brings back memories
Wanting :: to go to Berlin
Looking :: ever so casual and messy
Playing :: dumb
Deciding :: what to eat for dinner, the eternal question that drives me nuts
Wasting :: money on vet visits.
Wishing :: I had more money.
Enjoying :: Laughing at things on the internets.
Waiting :: For so many things, that never seem to happen.
Liking :: The warmth of the day.
Wondering :: Where to from here.
Loving :: My new ink.
Pondering :: Directions.
Considering :: Why my lower back is so sore.
Watching :: The light of the day change.
Hoping :: The tablets the GP put me on fix my stomach woes actually work
Marvelling :: At all the pics.
Needing :: Cuddles.
Smelling :: My deodorant, it’s fresh.
Wearing :: Jeans & a tank top, no socks.
Following :: My nose, as always.
Noticing :: That I look skinnier today, because my digestive system won’t keep food in.
Knowing :: Things change.
Thinking :: About sex, always.
Feeling :: The need for human touch and warmth
Admiring :: People who go out and make things happen, who know what they want.
Sorting :: Through my mind.
Buying :: Anaesthetic and surgery for my cat
Getting :: Annoyed at people who are flakey
Disliking :: My digestive system
Opening :: The window and feeling the warm breeze. I’m going to miss Summer
Feeling :: Primal
Snacking :: Nope, too dangerous
Coveting :: A new tattoo
Hearing :: The radio, birds, neighbours, the ‘burbs

Alex is off to the vets for surgery tomorrow. They’re pretty sure he has root canal issues in one of his teeth. He’s started to get unwell again. So I’m going to have to sell my soul or something to pay for that. Poor thing. It so freaks him out when he has to go to the vets.

I went to the human vets today, aka the GP. I’ve been having issues with my digestives for a while now and it’s slowly getting worse. The doc thinks I may have a bug, so I’m on tablet things to dealio. I’m hoping they work because I am well and truly over feeling super unwell when I eat, not to mention all the other unmentionables!


~ by Fen on March 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “Monday Musings”

  1. I always thought cancer was the best way for weight loss, but you have another method.

    Berlin would be so wicked. It always has been.

    I hope you and Alex will be ok soon.

  2. Sending best wishes to you and Alex.

    I hope you get to Berlin. It is great.

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