Alex & his satellite dish

Alex has had his satellite dish on for nearly a week now. It’s fair to say it’s driving both him and me crazy.

Contrary to popular belief, Alex’s grass seed did not enter his skin externally. Alex loves to ‘mow the grass’ and the vet is certain that this is how the grass seed entered his neck/jaw area. Originally the swelling was very much near his back tooth, hence why they removed it in the first surgery. Obviously we know now what was going on.

The poor boy tries to scratch his chin about a million times a day, which results in claws on plastic. A little distracting!! The vet wants it on for another 6 days, I’m not sure either of us will last that long! Ha ha.  He’s very sooky and of course loves to have his face scratched now coz he can’t do it himself.

Anyway, the main thing is he’s on the improve.

In not so wonderful news, the boy I was seeing is going away for 6+ weeks and I’m feeling a little distraught. So I could do with some distractions in the interim. *sigh*

~ by Fen on April 8, 2014.

One Response to “Alex & his satellite dish”

  1. at least you have 6 weeks of no distractions from cat games. I have just been round the house trailing 2 metres of gift tie ribbon just to amuse a cat.
    Poor beautiful Alex, he’s worth the effort.

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