Tin Foil Hat Time

There’s a lot of debate about Smart Meters in the press from time to time. I’d never honestly given it much thought. Until now.

Our meter boards here are shared. One board for two joined units. The meter board is pretty much directly behind where I sleep.

We had our first smart meters installed months ago. That was my meter, for my unit. Nothing out of the ordinary to report since it was installed, other than it removed the clicking and pinging of the old meter, which would startle me in the night sometimes. However since the second meter has been installed (for the adjoining unit), things have been strange…

Someone, a few years back, gave me an egg clock thing. It sits on my bedside table, showing me the temperature. I have the modes locked so that it can’t be accidentally changed.  As you can see from the pic, it lights up if you touch the top (but not when the modes are locked, which mine is). I noticed a while back that if you put a mobile phone close enough to it, when a call comes through or an sms, it will light up. Obviously the signal sets it off. egg

Now, as the electricians were installing this additional smart meter, my egg was going berserk. On and off, lighting up, changing modes by itself, driving me bonkers.  I figured it would settle down once the work was completed and they’d gone home. Not so.

It lights up all the bloody time. It randomly changes mode, despite it being locked. Some nights it’s like a bloody disco is going off in my bedroom and it’s all I can do not to throw it out the window. Which of course is an easy fix. If I move the egg to another part of my room or the house, it’s fine, it doesn’t light up, it doesn’t change mode.

The question is, what on earth have they done to my electricity to make the installation of a new smart meter have this effect on my stupid egg? And what is this doing to my brain?

Does anyone have a pattern for making tin foil night caps?

~ by Fen on April 17, 2014.

2 Responses to “Tin Foil Hat Time”

  1. Disturbing. Did you see the tv show about Red Symon’s son’s recurring cancer. As a child, a power sub station was on the other side of his bedroom wall. Might be worth testing for EMR. I don’t know if the power company would pay nor how much it is to hire a machine. http://www.emraustralia.com.au/

    • I did see it, yes. That’s kinda why I worry a little.
      I am tipping the power companies could care less however.
      The machines are $150 to hire, a little outside my budget unfortunately.

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