back to reality, already

I’m back to work tomorrow, how depressing. My time off just flew by, I’m not even sure what I did to be honest. But I sure could do with another week or two off!!

I got back from 3 days in Sydney last night, it was lovely. The girls are growing up fast and it was great to spend time with Loz.

I had a birthday over my hols and adopted a bengal cat for a weekend & found her a great new home to go to. I hung out with the boy a bit and caught up with family and friends, including babysitting the adorable Pippa. Martin was over from Germany and I caught up with him a couple of times. He’s gone back to Germany as of last night 😦

My boyfriend leaves on Saturday for his UK trip. I so wish I was going too. It’s almost been 10 years since I was in the UK and I miss it. I’d dearly love to see all my friends over there. Ah well.

Back to work tomorrow. I was going to look for a new job in the hols, but of  course that didn’t happen. It needs to though. And I need to work out if I want to study some more. Decisions decisions.

Alex seems to be all healed after his grass seed surgery. I had my 2 year liver scan a week or so ago and got the all clear for another year! Pretty chuffed with that.


~ by Fen on April 27, 2014.

One Response to “back to reality, already”

  1. Your leave did fly! Yuck. Hate when that happens. Plan something fun (and maybe OS) for your next leave – something to look forward to!

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