to be honest?

I have homework tonight. Tomorrow is my 6 month work review. I have to fill out this booklet thing and give it to my team leader. It has questions such as: Please circle the level of satisfaction you experience undertaking your current role (from very low to very high).

Is it worth my while being honest? Or will it bite me in the arse?

I really don’t know how to approach this one.

In a nutshell, I am unhappy and I feel I was lied to on more than one occasion about my job and my job prospects. I’ve tried not to let it interfere with my work, and it probably hasn’t, I’m sure my clients have no idea that I am disillusioned. But the fact of the matter is I am really disenchanted with the whole thing and have been from day one. The promises that were made to me have been empty, there has been no follow up despite me raising my concerns. I’ve also learned a lot about the company that I work for and how they treat staff, not a lot of it is complimentary.

So do I tell them nicely how I am feeling, or do I just shut up and look for another job?

This is my dilemma.

LE jacket

In more pleasing news, I purchased myself a new Winter jacket today and am completely smitten with how soft and wonderful it is. It was perfect timing too as Melbourne’s weather turned to complete bollocks this afternoon, being wet and chilly.

I really do need to get some of my other jackets dry cleaned before Winter really sets in. I’m very much looking forward to wearing boots and jackets and gloves and hats. I adore being rugged up on cold days.

Right, I’d best be off to eat my dinner and to procrastinate do my 6 month review paperwork.



~ by Fen on April 29, 2014.

One Response to “to be honest?”

  1. These satisfaction questions are a load of shite. The only way for management to get proper feedback is by anon surveys, and they don’t do that because they know the kind of response they will get.

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