2 years, or almost 4 years…

Depending on which way you look at it, it’s been almost 4 years since my original surgery and 2 years since the second round. Confusing? Yeah. I did a bunch of pictures that make a little more sense. Shame I don’t seem to have one at one year after surgery number two. Not to worry.

We’ll start with the blank canvas. My abdomen as it was, long ago:


This was the tumour, around 10cm or the size of a grapefruit






So then we had complications and more surgery:






I’ve healed ever so well on the outside. On the inside I’m not too bad. I’ve got a LOT of adhesions, but my scar tissue is amazingly pretty good considering I’ve been opened up twice along the same scar.

For those interested, here are some links to the initial posts. Surgery 2010 / Surgery 2012 / Thoughts on everything

Health wise, well, I’ve gone two years without growing anything else. My digestive system is pretty much shot. I react badly to a lot of foods, I have days where I can barely keep food in/down. The goal posts appear to move all the time as to what I can and cannot eat, but I cope. It is what it is and I can’t do much to change it. I can’t drink alcohol, I can’t eat fatty foods (hey, not such a bad thing!), fibre isn’t too kind on my body, nor are fruits. I just make do with things, I can’t complain really.

I’ve grown to admire and even love my battle scarred body. Considering what it went through over a two year period and the fact that a couple of times I nearly didn’t make it, I’m feeling pretty healthy and strong. Amazing what the human body can endure.

~ by Fen on May 29, 2014.

18 Responses to “2 years, or almost 4 years…”

  1. You survived!! Strength of body and will!!

  2. Blimey, I never realised how big the tumour was! Glad you’re better hun xx

  3. Wear those battle scars with pride! ❤

  4. I started reading your blog just after your second surgery. I also didn’t realise how bad the first was. Geez. I hope your digestive system is a bit kinder to you over time xxx

  5. Scars are sexy! Si x

  6. Wow. Inspirational.

  7. Tell everyone that you were in a knife fight with Vladimir Putin when he tried to invade your yard, but you sent him packing!

  8. I feel exactly the same about my body. It happened one morning several years ago when I was just so sick from chemo. I woke up and for the first time didn’t feel disgusted and angry at my body. I have no idea how or why, but I felt this sudden…tenderness…towards it. Love. And then the healing process began to occur much more quickly.

  9. The UPside: while the rest of us pressured to fibre, you can have the guilt-free pleasure of white bread and angel cake. and re 8: I strongly believe in the mind/body connection. wishing you well x x

    • YES! No grains for me! Though I do miss eating them, it’s just not worth the days of pain. I must admit, I do not know what angel cake is…

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