Speedy Sunday

Just a speedy update, I’m zonked

Idris arrived last week and she’s an absolute pleasure to drive. I’ll do some proper pics of her at some stage.


I’ve been loving my new camera/lens and have taken some good shots with it. Shame it’s winter and generally dreary out. Can’t wait til we have flowers and bugs and insects about again. Still learning it all, but enjoying photography again. Just a reminder my flickr page is here. You won’t see the restricted stuff unless you have an account (which you can get for free).

The work situation is resolved, but I will be looking elsewhere. I don’t appreciate disloyalty and people who don’t pay attention.

Le Tour de France started last night and I stayed up late to watch it. My fave sprinter crashed out in the dying seconds of the first stage and is out for the entire tour. Gutted. Bring on the sleep dep!

5 days til new ink!

Toddler selfies rock, especially when Aunty Fen looks like a sheepdog!


~ by Fen on July 6, 2014.

4 Responses to “Speedy Sunday”

  1. Your new motor looks great. Nice wheels, literally.

  2. Nice camera work. I especially like the purple flower and bee pix. I personally prefer the diffused light during overcast weather.

    • Thanks lx. I like diffused light too, but there’s not much happening in the garden for me to take pics of.

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