The Trip (part two)

If you missed part one, it’s here

After purchasing an Oyster card and a ticket for the Heathrow Express, I trundled off, bags in tow, into the mid morning madness that was central London. I caught the Express into Paddington where I boarded the Tube and headed towards Victoria Station. It was fairly busy but I managed to navigate around fairly well.

I’d booked my hotel specifically because it was close to Victoria Station. I hoped that it wasn’t too terrible, as some London hotels can be cramped and, well, old and nasty. It was located in Warwick St, just a 10 min walk from Victoria Station. That part of town is fairly posh, so I enjoyed wandering the streets as I made my way towards the Surtees Hotel.

20141114_120007_1-1 20141114_120027_1-1

The hotel itself is small, only 10 rooms, but it was clean and the staff were friendly. My room (a double) was a good size, though the bathroom was tiny. I was pleased overall and dropped my bags off and chatted to the guy on reception. He gave me the wireless password and told me where to find a shop for a sim card for my phone and where Tesco was.  I headed back out and purchased myself a sim and browsed Tesco for some food and drink.  I had a bit of a look around, but I was beginning to fade fast, so made my way back to the hotel.

I had a refreshing hot shower and decided against clothing, climbing into bed instead. It was mid to late afternoon by this point and the light outside was fading as fast as I was.  I put the TV on to see what I could find and fell asleep fairly quickly. I woke up later and had something to eat, but went straight back to sleep again as I knew I would have an early start the next day, as I had a very early flight to Amsterdam.

~ by Fen on December 13, 2014.

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