The Trip (part three)

(Part one and Part two)

I think I rose again at around 3.30am and packed my bags to head out to the airport again. This time I was going to Gatwick, hence why I chose a hotel near Paddington (direct train).

I stumbled out into the darkness around 4am. There were still a few people on the streets, wandering home from nights out, asking me where the nearest kebab shop was (hah!) or doing their jobs as door bitches.  Throughout this trip I used an app called Citymapper. It’s not available for a lot of cities yet, but it was wonderful in both London and Berlin as it incorporates public transport options as well as walking and driving. Google maps sufficed everywhere else. That said, Citymapper got me a little lost at 4am as I was attempting to make my way back to the station. To be fair, I should have trusted my own instincts and gone the way I anticipated, but I didn’t. I did make it to the Gatwick Express train on time, so no big deal, but it was a lesson learned.

I made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. It was BUSY! My flight was due to leave at 6.30am and I queued up with what seemed like thousands of others at the security section of Gatwick. Wow. What a shit fight!! Then it was off to my gate to join the others on their way to Amsterdam. I’d forgotten how amusing EasyJet flights can be. For some reason the passengers disregard all announcements and just line up regardless. It shambolic, but amusing at the same time. We were delayed by an hour or so once on the plane as the air bridge would not disengage from the aircraft. Tedious, but what can you do. Eventually we were off and headed over to the Netherlands.

After a short flight I arrived and after traipsing from what seemed like the far end of the airport, I found my friend S and was welcomed with a big hug. Last time I saw S we both lived in London. We lived together for a while, in central London, not far from Soho. Back then he worked at a bar in Soho and I’d look out for him after he got home from his nights, often tucking him into bed when he arrived home! We formed a firm, easy bond and I still adore him til this day. To say it was good to see him was an understatement!  I also got to meet his partner, who he had moved in with some months earlier.

We drove back into the city centre where the boys live and went to a cafe for some breakfast. Lots of catching up was done and afterwards we dropped my bags off at their apartment (which has the steepest stairs ever!!)

the apartment

the apartment

the street

the street

We then headed out on the bikes, towards Vondelpark and the Museums. I was riding side saddle on the back of A’s bike and it was a proper laugh.

15609036299_94467100fa_oThis is where my memory starts to get hazy (it was a month ago!). As to what we did on what day. I lost a bunch of pics from my phone as my SD card corrupted. I think my brain has done the same thing.

We went to a Museum and wandered about looking at the art work. Afterwards we went out for lunch at a place called The Seafood Bar. It was amazing. We ordered a big platter to share between the three of us and we definitely weren’t disappointed. The food was fresh and delicious.

2014-11-15_10-46-12All up I spent 3 days in Amsterdam. I had my own bike on the 2nd day so I could ride around with the boys. S and I went exploring the second day, in the incessant rain. Despite the bleak day we had a great time checking Amsterdam out. We went to lots of nice cafes and spent plenty of time catching up. I adore Amsterdam, I have always felt at home there and would love to live there. It’s a very easy place to be in and is gorgeous.

Click on the pics if you want to see them bigger.

It was a struggle to leave S & A and Amsterdam. I’d love to return, it really is a wonderful place.


~ by Fen on December 14, 2014.

2 Responses to “The Trip (part three)”

  1. In spite of the weather, it looks like you had a great time in Amsterdam. I’ve never really got a good grip on the city. I think I liked it more on my second visit, but it was the most crowded and chaotic place we had been to.

  2. “direct train” oh how we wish MEL had the same. love from the brat in The ‘Rat

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