Question… input required

This year is a big birthday for me. I really don’t want to celebrate it, I have lots of misgivings about turning this age. It’s my issue, I’ll get over it (or I’ll have a wee nervous break down).


My best friend (who is Chilean) asked me if I would like to go to South America in September this year. Of course I would. However my job pays terribly and I’m fairly sure I would not be able to save up enough money by then.

Do people think it’s a rubbish idea to maybe ask people for donations for my birthday towards a trip?

I hate asking people for money for anything. But I also don’t want a bunch of presents that I really don’t require, so is this a good alternative? And how would one go about this?

Help me please folks. Opinions/thoughts/ramblings in the comments.


~ by Fen on January 19, 2015.

One Response to “Question… input required”

  1. I think cash for a specific purpose is a reasonable alternative to receiving a gift.

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