Meeting your heroes!

Last night I attended Amanda Palmer’s book launch at the Thornbury Theatre. I purchased her book “The Art of Asking” when I was in Cambridge, and diligently carried it around with me on my trip. It was a great read, better than I had expected.  Of course I adore her music too, so going to the launch was something I had definitely wanted to do.

I met with some friends there and we stood in the audience as Amanda performed & read some extracts from her book. Her husband, Neil Gaiman, also got up and read some passages, then they sang a song together. Neil is one of my most favourite authors, so having them in the same room together was fan girl heaven!

Afterwards we hung out in the foyer and I was the tea fairy for The Bedroom Philosopher. I make a very good tea fairy apparently.

At some point I had to go to the little girls room. As I wandered over I heard a familiar voice – it was Neil! My mind immediately flew into a panic. Do I wee, do I go and say hello, oh no!!! Logic took over, go wee, you’ll wet yourself with excitement otherwise (I hope not though). So I did the fastest wee in the history of Fen wees and headed back out. Much to my delight, Neil was still there and he ever so kindly had a chat with me and we took a selfie! I may have gone squeaky and ridiculous, but at least I wasn’t grinning like a total lunatic in the photo.

We all then headed to the queue so that we could get Amanda to sign our books. It took a while but we made it eventually. As I handed her my book she spotted my pin up tattoo and gushed at how much she loved it. I showed her my lyrics tattoo (which are lyrics from her song Berlin) and she got excited and showed Neil and was rubbing my arms. I almost passed out from happiness. They weren’t doing photos but she said that she would be around at Neil’s show and she’d look out for me and we could have a photo together.

Needless to say I went home and fell asleep with a ridiculous grin on my face. They say meeting your heroes can be risky, but Amanda and Neil lived up to my expectations.



~ by Fen on January 24, 2015.

4 Responses to “Meeting your heroes!”

  1. Like a school girl with a crush on a boy band member.

  2. Happy Aussie Day!

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