Remember when we first met?
At the train station.

You got into my car, all nerves and energy.

And we just drove and ended up at the beach.

It wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t a hot night.

It was windy.

Some couple gave us their parking ticket so we didn’t have to pay.Later you gave it to me to put in my purse, to remember the date we first met.

We sat on the edge of the water and talked.

And I wondered who the hell you were. All stories and warnings.

There was something about you though, I’m still unsure what it was.

The thing that is missing in the majority of the people on this planet.

You are amazing and I wish you could see that.

There is a genius that lurks beneath.

All that exterior.

You’re strong, you forget that.

Your soul is beautiful. Hidden away.

Even from yourself.

The day we sat on the pier and actually talked about living together

And I daren’t breathe in case it weren’t real

The breakfasts.

Walking the dog.

A micro second of happiness

I will treasure it.




~ by Fen on February 7, 2015.

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