Inspiration & another decade

I met with my mentor tonight and we talked for two hours solid. He’s brilliant and I came away feeling so much more positive about the world. I have some amazing ideas now and the start of a plan in my head. A direction. Actually more than one direction. Choices. I need to sit down and start writing, planning, working out where this is going to go. Then meet with him again and merge minds. Oh this could be fantastic.

Yesterday I celebrated my 40th birthday. And I did celebrate. The day before I suddenly felt like it would all be okay. I’ve been battling with it for weeks now, amongst everything else. I drove home from work listening to one of my favourite albums, really really loudly, and felt a peace wash over me. Turning 40 wasn’t going to be as bad as I imagined. I need to use it as a positive catalyst, and after tonight I feel like this will happen.

I had a lovely dinner with my family & my extended family and ate wonderful food and felt the love from everyone in attendance. My weekend will be full of great company and awesome food and laughs, I am looking forward to it.

17165418721_34f3859f90_o 17166010795_cf929623ec_o

It may be 15 years old, but this album is still superb ❤



~ by Fen on April 16, 2015.

4 Responses to “Inspiration & another decade”

  1. Forty is nothing. You are still desirable.

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday. Sounds like your session with your mentor was well-timed – new beginnings and what better time than a milestone birthday?!

  4. […] as I mentioned in a post last month, I have been kicking around some business ideas. I want to start working for myself in the future […]

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