Do Not Bend or Fold!

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.39.55 pm

But throwing at ones front door is okay apparently!!

As I said in my previous post, I’ve been suffering through a super bad migraine. Today I woke up and felt awful again, so decided to take the day off. I’ve been to the doctors who has given me a prescription for wafers to take in the future and we tutted at migraines in general. I also got around to having my bloods for my liver done and got my ultrasound referral.

So I’ve come home and spent time in the sun with Alex, who’s loving having his human mum home.

I just wandered inside and was watching a very funny clip of John Oliver talking about Dr Oz (worth watching if you dislike quackery like I do).

I have the front door open (wire door shut) and was startled by something hitting my door with a loud bang. I quickly realised it was the postman doing his usual throw things at the front door trick, so exclaimed “Good Shot!”. He actually then walked up my steps and picked up the parcel and handed it to me. No apology. I thanked him and read the words on the parcel to him “Do Not Bend or Fold…I guess I should get them to add nor throw at front doors”. He beat a fairly hasty retreat, laughing uncomfortably.

This is not the first time I have witnessed this with my posties. I made a complaint a couple of years ago against a parcel post delivery guy who did the same thing (he was in a van – would throw out of his open window, this guy is on a push bike). It doesn’t give me much faith in getting things delivered that may be breakable. Just last night I was talking to a couple of my neighbours about this exact thing. You can see from the pic that the parcel has been bent, but who knows who did that, it’s come from overseas, so I can’t lay the blame at anyone’s feet for that.

Anyway, the item I received wasn’t breakable thank goodness, but really that is no excuse. More care should be taken with other people’s items.

This is what I received (not the laptop – just the decal)



~ by Fen on April 30, 2015.

4 Responses to “Do Not Bend or Fold!”

  1. Oh that decal is hilarious! 🙂

    I sent a glass bottle in the mail last week. I was worried it would not arrive ok, but apparently it did. I didn’t have any bubble wrap, but I wrapped it in tissue paper and the postpak had a bubble wrap interior.

    Were these the Maxalt wafers? If yes, you’ll have to let me know how they work out for you.

    • Yes, they are the Maxalt wafers. I’ll definitely report back how they go. I’ve used naramig in the past, which is a triptan too, to no effect. But I’m willing to give it a go. They’re not cheap (about $22 for 2 x 2 wafers). The GP also gave me a script for panadeine forte to have just in case too.

  2. The video of the quack will have to wait until tomorrow, but I do love to see quacks exposed. I have a memory of someone called Randy Schultz. What was that about.

    I have noted that a word must have been said to AusPost parcel delivery staff, that they must try to deliver a parcel, not just assume no one is home and automatically slip in a collection card to their letter box.

    • No Andrew, the only instruction they’ve ever been given is to not throw parcels. They’re inconsistent. This last 3 weeks I’ve had 5 parcels delivered. 3 have been left on my doorstep, 2 I have been carded for.
      Today should have been obvious I was home. Car in the carport, front door open, noise emanating from the inside. Oh well.

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