the weekend that was

I had planned for this weekend to be fairly quiet, I felt that I needed plenty of Fen time, plus I wanted to do some housework. I do it most weekends, but this weekend I did it on a bigger scale. Plus I felt like I might want to do some cooking.

Saturday I grocery shopped and was done before 9am. When you live near a big Westfield this is often the best approach. Later in the day I journeyed to my local Spotlight, only to find out it was closing down and relocating and had sweet FA left on the shelves. I considered going back to Southland however the traffic annoyed the pants off me so I headed home instead.

I had been booked to babysit the kids and went over to my sisters early so I could hang out with the kids before they were due in bed. Unfortunately Pippa had a raging fever and as she has a history of febrile convulsions, my sister wasn’t comfortable leaving me home alone with her. Fair enough too. Pippa refuses to take medicine, so that makes things rather difficult. Finn and I had a great time however, I bathed him and he climbed all over me and bit me and slobbered on everything. He is such a beautiful natured little boy.

So my sisters partner went out and we stayed at home and watched Vikings on the tellybox. It was nice just to be able to spend some time with my sister.

Today (Sunday) I was awake early, not sure why. Our block had received notification that the electricity was to be off all day today and I wanted to put the heater on before this happened. By 9am I rang the power company who had no record of the planned works and had no clue. Needless to say, we had power all day. I guess they don’t like rain.

I decided to spend the day cooking. I visited my Nanna for Mother’s Day and we had a cuppa together. Her partner, who is 93, isn’t well and she is worn out by him. It makes me so sad to see her this way, so I made sure I spent extra time listening to her. Β She’s 87 herself, so by no means a spring chicken.

I found a recipe for some Sticky Chicken drumsticks that was made for a slow cooker, so set about making this. Once it was in and simmering away, I then started on some bolognese sauce. The smell emanating from the slow cooker was bliss. After the requisite 4 hours, I plated some up and put the rest in containers for lunches/dinners. The only thing wrong with the recipe is that the sauce is far too runny, so next time I think I’ll add some cornflour. Looking at the pics on the page I got the recipe from, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if those were done on a grill, there’s too much caramelisation of the sauce there for just being done in a slow cooker. In addition, mine were just falling off the bone wonderfully, the drumsticks in that pic definitely don’t look slow cooked! I was very pleased with the taste of the chicken however, they were absolutely delicious.

The bolognese sauce is done and is ready for me to dish into containers to go in the freezer. This way I can make pasta or other things and just pull containers out as needed.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 5.49.45 pm

I had a small glass of red over the course of 3 hours… sometimes I miss alcohol… not very often though

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 5.49.57 pm

If only everyone could smell just how divine this was!

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 5.50.09 pm

i’m no Masterchef contestant and it looks ugly, but boy did it taste good!


Alex likes to help. On the right is him assisting me making the bed. Which has resulted in torn sheets in the past. Left is him assisting to dry the sheets!


27 years of love from my Mum was wonderful. Happy Mothers Day x




~ by Fen on May 10, 2015.

6 Responses to “the weekend that was”

  1. A compilation of tweets with added colour and movement. Slow cookers are brilliant at producing a rich sauce reduction. The last photo is little Fen with her mum. How lovely.

    • I am in a horrible Word Press thing. It was meant from me.

      A compilation of tweets with added colour and movement. Slow cookers are brilliant at producing a rich sauce reduction. The last photo is little Fen with her mum. How lovely.

  2. Well, I have never made sticky chicken in the slow cooker – I always make it in the oven, and the way those chicken drummies look on the recipe site is how the ones on the top of the oven dish come out. The ones underneath are usually not crispy but they are still super tasty. πŸ™‚

    I suspect the cook has put the chicken on a cookie sheet in the oven to crisp it up and get better pics. Would have been nice if she mentioned it!

    My sticky chicken is super simple – soy sauce, honey, ETA BBQ sauce, and it has to be that brand, for me anyway. I just mix it until it looks right and has a consistency I like, but the sauce always goes thinner in the cooking process. If you marinade the chicken first for a few hours, then put a mix of drummies, wings, and chicken breast into the oven in a baking dish, cover with sauce (and usually I let mine swim in there, because I like it saucy!) and then bake until you feel like it is done.. somewhere between 40-50 minutes for me.

    Ok, I admit, I do not really have a recipe with this one, it is more flying by the seat of my pants. I might try and adapt it for the slow cooker but I think the secret of this recipe is the magic thing that happens in the oven with that sauce and the exposed chicken. I don’t know if you would ever get that in the slow cooker.

    Now that you’ve made bolognese sauce, I will tell you my secret favourite.. I like to boil some potatoes and roughly mash them with some parmesan cheese and mozzarella, then put bolognese sauce on top of it instead of pasta. Very bad, huh! πŸ˜‰

    What is worse is, we just did the grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks today and neither sticky chicken or bolognese sauce is anywhere on our meal plan but after this post I am super hungry for them! πŸ™‚ I’m making crumbed chicken tomorrow, though. I hope that curbs my craving.. πŸ˜‰

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