I know!

I’ve been terrible at posting in my blog, no real excuses other than things have been busy. I had to purchase a wireless keyboard to go with the mac, as the space key got stuck on and I pulled it off to ‘fix it’. This rendered it fairly unusable and getting into the Apple repair shop means a long wait. So in the interim I have a cheap logitech keyboard that I am using, which has a mouse tracking pad on the side of it. It will do until I get things fixed.

I had a long long weekend last weekend, four days off, which was divine. I caught up with lots of people and by the end felt like I had been nourished by everyone. Of course this weekend I have virtually been a hermit, swings and roundabouts. Little Finn is 9 months old today!! He’s adorable. I went to the beach with my sister and the kids yesterday, on a balmy Winter’s day. Both kids had bare bums and did not seem to care that it wasn’t Summer!!

18570303208_8edbc0038d_o 18598491599_91c608363e_o

While everyone else is bingeing on Orange is the New Black, I am bingeing on Psycho Pass. It’s an anime show, I am addicted to anime at the moment. I just finished Tokyo Ghoul and Shin Sekai Yori – the latter of which I adored the pants off. I’m almost done with Psycho Pass and I will be sad when that’s finished. I’ve enjoyed the series.

Music wise I’ve really been getting into Leftfield’s album – Alternative Light Source. It takes me back to the days of progressive house, those halcyon times where I’d be out dancing all weekend. It’s reawakened those desires in me, but I’m too bloody old to be doing that nonsense!!


Sorry for the lack of updates, I shall endeavour to write more often.


~ by Fen on June 14, 2015.

2 Responses to “I know!”

  1. It’s a great photo of Finn. Alex behaving as per usual.

  2. I love that last photo.. 🙂 What a gorgeous kitty cat!

    I have been binge-watching OITNB and I will only say one thing – there is not enough Laverne Cox in it this season, not for me, anyway.

    Then again I would prefer her to be in every single episode so maybe it is just me.. 😉

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