Winter woes

I’ve been super unwell this week. What started out as a scratchy throat quickly turned into a chest infection and cough from hell. I feel miserable. I’ve had the last 2 days off work in a desperate attempt to feel somewhat normal again. It’s not really working too well.  I’m full of snot and gross.

This has meant I have been watching a lot of Netflix. Yep, I jumped on the bandwagon about a month ago. I get the UK version, coz I can.

I watched Orange is the New Black (S3) and to be honest, I was disappointed. It didn’t really grab me, I felt that I waded through the last half of the season and that it was a bit of a chore.

I’ve also just finished Sense8, which I really liked. It took me a while to get into it, as it has a lot of diverse character development and flicks from one scene to the next to the next. I fell in love with bad boy Wolfgang just a little, but I also adored kick ass Sun.  I’d recommend it if you like things that are a little different.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.10.05 pm

I have started watching Mr Robot, and I really dug the first episode. I’m holding out to watch the rest of the episodes I have with a friend on the weekend, I hope it continues to be great.

My anime addiction appears to have subsided a little, but not completely. I will pick that one back up soon I’m sure. I finished Psycho Pass recently, which I really enjoyed. I started on Death Note a while ago, I need to continue with that too.

So I’ve been very quiet due to illness. I’m sure this will change. Maybe 😉


~ by Fen on July 24, 2015.

5 Responses to “Winter woes”

  1. Sounds like the cold I had, but just to brag a little, I caught my while travelling overseas. I wonder how I, and it sounds like you too, can produce so much snot.

    • ha ha ha well at least my version of this cold was cheaper!!
      I’m constantly baffled at how much snot the human body can produce. Imagine if it was a resource worth selling!

    • sorry to hear that Andrew. Everybody gets a cold from cabin air – when will airlines fix it I wonder.

  2. I will likely give sense8 a go at some point. Absolutely loving Mr Robot.. Rami Malek is incredible. Plus, real pretty to look at which doesn’t hurt! 😉

    OITNB season 3 was Not Good, in my opinion. When you have so much talent as they’ve got in that cast, what a waste of time, money, and effort! 😦

  3. wishing you free of germs for the next very very long while dear Fen.

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