I’ve got a blog post in my brain to do with internet dating. Complete with screen caps for your amusement. But it requires sitting and putting it all together. Aka time. Some day I shall get there.

I have to downsize. Quite a bit. I need to get started with selling some things. My radiogram, a queen sized bed frame, a single bed and mattress amongst other things. I also need to find me a new flat. Or shoebox. They’re much the same thing these days I think.

I can’t wait to tell my landlord I’m leaving.  I hope their next tenant is a proper pain in the ‘arris. I might pull more of the already falling fence down before I leave. Just to make a point!

This time of the year leaves me exhausted by the end of every day. Today I was in court with a client who has no off switch. Next week I’m in court again. Different client thank goodness.

I’ve been booking in a few photography jobs which has been wonderful. One is a repeat client from this time last year. My sex therapy business stuff is pretty much on hold for now, until I move and get established again.

I’ve been watching Jessica Jones and have been enjoying it. David Tennant is delicious, as usual.

I’ve actually started my Christmas shopping. Rare for me. All online thus far, it’s so much easier. Then it’s like Christmas for me when the parcels show up!

These two idiots are okay, though Tamika had a stress induced UTI this week. Hello vet bills. She’s such a highly strung cat at times.

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~ by Fen on December 2, 2015.

One Response to “tidbits”

  1. Pulling down the fence, typical of the girl you were in your young photos.

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