Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas to everyone who still bothers with reading this disjointed ol’ blog!

Christmas came early for me and I purchased myself a tiny new flat in Malvern. I am going to have to downsize a hell of a lot over the next two months, but I can’t wait to move in. The flat is in a great area, with a beautiful park over the road. I’m looking forward to making it mine.


Christmas was lovely, as usual. It was a smaller affair this year for lunch, with various people off at their other halves events. I had breakfast at my sister’s and that was wonderful. Christmas often makes me feel a little sad, but spending it with my awesome family is just the antidote for that.

Today, Boxing Day, has been quiet. I’ve been culling my wardrobe and other things. I also found cheap flights to Sydney and booked myself a ticket to go up in late April, for my birthday. I will be dead broke by then, so it will be good to look forward to that.

I hope that whatever you did for the day, that you had a fabulous day filled with good food and love.

~ by Fen on December 26, 2015.

5 Responses to “Christmas 2015”

  1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays ☺

  2. How are the babies going to adjustment to the smaller area?
    And if I’d known your address you would have had a Christmas card, hand made from Copperwitch.

  3. Lovely Christmas pix. Congrats on the new flat!

  4. THRILLING! – I am so very happy for you. Cats will love the windows view.
    Rock on 2016

  5. You seem to have aged.

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