100 Things About Me

It’s time I updated this here list again, for the eleventieth time.


I’ve been blogging for about 11 15 years and I’ve never done this. As I’m in full procrastination mode I thought I would write out my list:

1. I am the eldest child

2. I have a younger sister

3. My Mum died when I was 27
4. I love photography as a hobby, I could never do it as a job, it would stifle my creativity (when it appears)
5. I adore cats, I’m a mad catwoman, I currently have two cats. Tamika who is a Tuxedo (aka she’s black and white) and Alex who is a Bengal.
6. I was engaged when I was, um, around 22. I never wanted to marry him, he was a creep, but I was stupid. Thankfully he got some other chick pregnant and effed off out of my life.
7. I used to own a house, well 2 houses, not concurrently. I purchased my first one when I was 22 then sold that and got my next one when I was 25. I don’t miss it, I think there’s more to life than owning property and having a mortgage. I own again, a little shoebox that I adore.
8. I used to wish I lived in the UK, when I lived there I felt like I belonged. Now I am happy where I am.
9. I love gardening. It’s soothing. I love watching things grow, it gives me satisfaction.
10. Dance music makes me really happy, not that stupid mainstream rubbish, proper techno and stuff.
11. I really love my little sister, I’d say we’re pretty close though of course we do have our differences. I miss her when she’s not around.
12. I’m addicted to Chai
13. I ride a bicycle as much as I can. Okay, well not as much as I used to! Shit my bike is in disrepair and covered in cobwebs. Forgive me, bike! Update: I gave it away. Smokey is no longer!
14. One of my best friends is my ex from a few years back. He’s living in Germany now He’s moved to Holland and that kinda makes me sad. He’s back in Germany, we talk most days online. Random rubbish mostly.
15. I used to suffer from depression & major anxiety, though not these days. I had a severe spell of it after my Mum died and didn’t think I’d ever get out of the black hole.
16. I used to fly helicopters as a student pilot, I even had my student pilots license. I could hover by myself, which is one of the hardest things to do initially.
17. I’ve travelled overseas a lot and still want to do more.
18. I love Summer.
19. I feel really peaceful when I’m at the beach, it’s my favourite place to empty my head
20. I’m not materialistic, but my ipod is my favourite thing ever. I always have music going, it’s the soundtrack to my life.
21. I have a broken stomach, I think from taking too many drugs a few years back. Therefore there are a crapload of things I can no longer eat or they make me seriously ill. My dietician stopped me eating fruit and fibre as well as most things from the deadly nightshade family and my tummy has been pretty good since. This also means I have a boring diet!
22. Yes, I took a lot of drugs quite a few years ago. I don’t regret it.
23. The mug I drink tea out of I bought at Heathrow airport with Emma, it holds the equivalent of 2 mugs worth and has colourful stripes.
24. I can’t drink coffee but I love the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans.
25. I have 6 5 piercings (not including normal ear holes) and 4 tattoos.
26. I used to work in IT and can rebuild a computer from scratch, but it’s one of the most boring professions ever (sorry to anyone who’s in IT).
27. I’m currently studying to become a counsellor. I have one year to go. I graduated, yay me, currently working for a not for profit organisation & I truly love my job & the work I do. Also have my own sex therapy business.
28. I am an Aries and yes I’m stubborn.
29. I love crumpets with peanut butter and honey on them.
30. I love the smell of rain after it’s been really dry. I could breathe that smell in forever.
31.  I have endometriosis. Meh, whatevs.
32. I have an obsession with earrings.
33. My neighbour, Joel killed himself when he was 17. I’d known him since the day he was born and considered him my little brother. That was a year before my Mum died.
34. I love to sniff textas and glue (no, not to those extents), I caught my Mum doing it one day and hence discovered the roots of my problem!!
35. I have a fear of losing people, not to death, just of them going away or leaving me for some reason. Therefore I don’t let people in easily. I tend to self destruct friendships/relationships out of fear. At least that way I can blame myself for things going wrong (I leave before they do, sad right).
36. I drink vodka but not many other alcoholic drinks, my liver can’t really handle alcohol.
37. I love love love to get stoned, but because of this love I tend not to do it often anymore in case I become a massive stoner!
38. I don’t like surprises.
39. I think New Years Eve is terribly overrated. I don’t like enforced fun. But this was the best NYE EVER!!!
40. I have a huge capacity to love and give and on the flipside I feel pain really acutely.
41. I love UK TV shows, I’m addicted to them.
42. I love the colours green and purple.
43. I have freckles in my eyes.
44. I’m bisexual queer, it’s not just a phase I’m going through, I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. My first crushes were on girls. Boys didn’t interest me one bit until my late teens. Given I don’t like labels I don’t really call myself anything. Other than bitch 😉
45. I wish I knew how to cook like my Nanna. She’s Italian and she’s a superb cook. She’s also the best Nanna ever.
46. I wish I knew how to speak another language fluently
47. I am so NOT a morning person, I love staying up late, but I can’t sleep in past 6am and I’m generally awake by 5am.
48. I’m a recluse a lot of the time, and then sometimes I can’t get enough of other people.
49. A lot of me is really paradoxical.
50. I had half my liver removed in 2010 & since then I’ve been back in hospital 6 times because of it (in 6 months). I had a second major surgery on my liver 20 months later for 3 infections – golden staph, enterobacter & ecoli. I’ve literally been through hell & back and I hope I never ever have to step foot inside a hospital again as a patient.
51. I love chocolate (understatement). Lindt is my ultimate favourite atm
52. I have a niece who I am totally smitten with. She’s amazing. Still doesn’t make me want to have kids though! Ooh and a nephew now. Such delights.
53. I wear glasses a lot, not because I have to but because I paid for expensive ones so I could. I only need them for reading, but they have transition lenses so I don’t have to take them off to see when I’m not reading.
54. I had to go to court once to testify against 2 guys that were up on assault charges, somehow they got off even though they hit two people so badly they ended up in hospital. I often wonder how they got off.
55. I used to go to Porn Idol at G.A.Y. in London every week, it was a bunch of gay guys stripping on stage, but it was the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. I’d heckle from the crowd!!
56. I’d live in Lisbon, Portugal if I could.
57. I’m a dual citizen – Australian and British
58. I love chocolate coated raspberry bullets, ooh, and raspberry m&m’s
59. I hate mornings yet I wake up super early. Paradox much?
60. I love stationery.
61. Sometimes I can be a spelling and grammar nazi.
62. I have great pain tolerance (physical not mental)
63. I love lizards.
64. I can wear my hair curly or straight.
65. I gave myself food poisoning on the day of my 21st birthday and had to get an injection to stop me throwing up, which I’d been doing all day. Then I got extremely drunk because alcohol was about the only thing in my system. I didn’t throw up again though!
66. Tamika (the cat) is here for cuddles, she’ll sit for a bit, get all loved up, then leave to go off on big adventures. It’s always on her terms.
67. I need a stylist, I have no sense of style at all!
68. I have a Y shaped scar on my left knee from falling onto a metal star picket. It hurt. Lots!
69. I once got chewing gum so stuck in my hair I had to cut it out, it was a big chunk of hair, but not as bad as when I was 3 and my neighbour cut a triangle out of my fringe!
70. I don’t like ignorant or rude people. I hate fake & arrogant people.
71. One of my close friends in the UK was a gay guy called Mickey. He got sent to jail for downloading child porn. People asked me if I knew which amazed me. Do you think I’d condone that sort of behaviour you fools?
72. The current state of the world and the environment bothers me, a lot.
73. I usually walk fast and people tell me to slow down!
74. I’m right handed but I play cricket & golf with my left hand.
75. I can’t whistle with my fingers in my mouth and that annoys me.
76. I don’t care if boys leave the toilet seat up, what’s the big deal? They have to put it up so why shouldn’t we put it down?
77. I nearly drowned when I was little, some big kid sat on me at the public pool, and wouldn’t let me up. I still panic when people push and hold me underwater.
78. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas is my favourite movie.
79. I’m not religious but I have a certain level of spirituality.
80. I have a very sweet tooth, however the older I get the more savoury things I appreciate. My sweet tooth stays the same!
81. I have a strong personality, I’m honest, I’m blunt and I can be loud. Some people don’t like, or are intimidated me because of this, but those who love me do so because of who I am. I will never change myself for another person.
82. I get really clumsy just before, and when I have my period. Okay, i’m pretty much a klutz all the time!
83. Some perfumes give me an instant sore throat – Angel is one of them.
84. I’ve never broken a bone in my body – tough eh! Oh wait, 2016 update – I dropped a plate on my big toe and broke it. Hah.
85.  I had surgery with no pain relief, not something I want to do often. Yes it was traumatic and horrendous and no it wasn’t on purpose. The cannula moved out of my vein and everything they gave me just went into a big lump in my arm instead.
86. I don’t wear a lot of make up but I wish I knew how to put it on properly.
87. The film clip to Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters make me laugh madly every time I see it. I also love the Ok Go film clip where they’re on the treadmills.
88. I always paint my toenails, but never my fingernails. Okay sometimes my fingernails…
89. I’m always hot in the morning, I can be standing on the train platform in winter with my jacket off, but once my body does whatever it is it has to do, I get really cold.
90. I love freesias, the flowers, not the cows.
91. I think I’m the biggest procrastinator in the world!
92. As a kid I’d always come home with lizards and frogs and insects.
93. I used to have an aviary with over 30 budgies.
94. I’m double jointed in my right shoulder and can make a big hole in my shoulder.
95. I’m 5ft 8 but I have really small feet
96. I’m addicted to Leona Edmiston dresses. I’ve currently banned myself from buying any more. I will not admit how many I currently own.
97. I’m convinced my brain is full and I can’t put any more information in it.
98. I don’t think I’ll ever get married. That doesn’t bother me, I’m not really the marrying type.
99. I’m proud of my name and where it comes from.
100. I like talking to myself, yah I’m a weirdo.

8 Responses to “100 Things About Me”

  1. I read this with fascination and wonder such as it is to share our inner selves. and we are all just humans trying to do our best in the time we have on this mortal coil. Lovely Fen 🙂

  2. yes…that would be fun to read

  3. lol ooh ok. I’ll check it out 😉

  4. yep… as I suspected…fun to re-read. it’s good to ‘know’ you Fen

  5. love #6 and hope you kept the ring. Snap! on the cats and gardening and dancing (I forget all the rest) but lovely as Lindt is, and the M&Ms etc, check ‘sugar+liver function’ and go moderate.
    I wish I had seen those funny London strippers. X X

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