pillow talk

Here’s some words that came out of my mouth. It’s easier than typing things.



~ by Fen on March 27, 2016.

6 Responses to “pillow talk”

  1. No one’s commented on this so maybe (being better than nothing) I can sneak in.
    Talking to an audience is better than talking to yourself, I find having myself as an audience is rather futile. When my psychotic pal was staying here I talked to him a lot (or “at him” as human services would say). I found it easy. He’s timid, that’s why, won’t argue. And what’s more, he’s psychotic; it doesn’t matter a damn what I say.

    You need an audience, everyone does.
    I heard you.

  2. I made that comment because no one else bothered. I know you understand this, but it appears that others may not. If I’ve ever offended you, let me know, right here.

  3. Never mind, I’m quite upset over this,

  4. Ms Andrew’s comment on his post ‘Fagging’ in which he says I killed your blog, and use a ‘cheap word’ (little) in referring to you.

    It’s all a lie and I take it very seriously.

    Little Fen is merely how I see you, because of childhood photos you’ve posted of yourself. And because I feel those times when you were little were the happiest in your life. The photos are enchanting. Anyone fond of kids would agree with that. I look back on my own innocence with fondness, always. We can’t live in the past, and we can’t live away from it.

  5. This bonehead throws regular little tantrums, always misdirected.

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