Sunday session

(sorry if the formatting is up the wazoo, I’ve given up – it looks fine in my actual blog, but if you’re using reader then it’s up the kaka!!)

I miss the days when I was young enough to go to a Sunday Session. An afternoon of good tunes, good company and fine drinks. Now I’m just slothing about in my trakkies and slippers, doing housework and feeling old! LOL.

I have sore quads today courtesy of my very first personal training session on Friday. It was fantastic, I really enjoyed myself and I enjoyed pushing my body. I’m impatient to see some changes in my body.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy with how I’m going, I’m feeling well, I’ve lost most of the weight I gained in the last 2 years after my surgeries. But I have some unofficial goals in my head now and I want to achieve them. I figure I’m not getting any younger and at this age it’s important to keep fit and healthy (especially after the shit I’ve been through). I have aged clients who haven’t kept on top of their mobility and fitness and it’s so very hard to come back from being horribly out of shape, so I concluded that if I work at it now and into the future I will be okay.  I walked to the shops earlier (2.5km round trip) so that I could warm my legs up and it felt good. However my heels are now wrecked, pretty sure I have plantar fasciitis, but I’m resolutely ignoring that because I DO. NOT. WANT!

In big news that’s got me more excited than an excitable puppy (without the floor weeing) I’m going to be an Aunty for the first time. I’m sorry if you’re reading this and you’re family that’s not been told, but I can’t keep it to myself any longer.  I guessed over a month ago coz my sister was looking terrible every time I saw her. I’ve had to keep my mouth shut until she announced it after her 12 week scans. We had a dinner with my Dad and my Nan on Thursday night and she told them & passed the scans around. I still think I was more excited than anyone. I guess because I don’t have kids of my own I am living vicariously through her experience. It has made me think about having kids, but given I’m a mad old cat lady I just don’t see it happening. Coupled with the fact I have known fertility issues and a well broken body, I’m just not sure it would be a good combo. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no child hater, I love kids, I’ve always got along well with kids and I tend to be a bit of a pied piper at times, attracting kids from all over the place. But I just don’t feel like it’s in my future.  And I’m not going to lose any sleep over that fact.

I caught up with one of my close friends from high school yesterday, went on a road trip down to Drouin. Boy the weather along the way was atrocious, sometimes I could barely see the road in front of me for the rain.  As always it was really lovely to see her and her family, they’re so laid back and welcoming that I feel very much at ease around them all.

Work’s good, busy, next week I may not have time to scratch myself but that’s a good thing. I’m off to Sydney on Thursday night, finally! To say I’m happy to be visiting my P.I.E and her family is an understatement. It’s only 7 months late. Let’s hope Sydney puts on some gorgeous weather for me!  I need some sunshine on my paleness!  I also booked tickets to Perth, going in October. Very much looking forward to giving my lovely wife a big cuddle and spending some time with her ❤

I was going to write more but I forgot what I was going to say! Pretty sure my alzheimers has kicked in again.

And since it’s been 2 weeks since I last posted I have a few pics to share.

A crazy cat lady & her 8 cats!

This made me giggle.

a spontaneous stroll by Albert Park Lake in the sun

A swan cruising past

another cold front coming through

mammatus clouds – my favourites

looks like a magnolia but is it? It has leaves, lots of them

Fighting for space on the oh so comfy envelope!

Tamika took over Alex’s perch! Tsk tsk

Chai in the (messy) backyard, supervising the furkids


~ by Fen on August 19, 2012.

9 Responses to “Sunday session”

  1. Congrats on the Auntie status! I’m sure you are gonna spoil the kid senseless! And the good thing about being an Auntie, you can hand them back when you’ve had enough. 😉

    i’ve got those darn heel spur dooflickys. Makes trying to exercise all the more harder.

    Hope you have a fabulous time in Sydney!

    • Not sure if I have spurs yet, but by heck it hurts when I stop exercising and cool down. Does anything help? I got some shoe insert things today, will see if they help. Too tight to pay for a podiatrist!!

      • I’ve had them come and go for at least ten years now. In both feet…tho not at the same time together.
        I have used those shoe inserts, the gel ones are the best…but really nothing helps fully. You just tend to get used to the pain, and then all of a sudden you realize it’s gone.
        I get them come back again when I start to do more walking, which is why after my last doc appointment for the diabetes thing, she wanted me to see the podiatrist to talk about ways to prevent them coming back.
        Stretching helps… heel down, toes pulling up towards you. Use a towel or rubber dooflicky. It will hurt, but it’s meant to do something.

  2. Aunty Fen. Sounds like it will a long time before Granny Fen. It’s an evergreen magnolia. They grow into huge trees but don’t normally get covered in blossom, just the odd flower here and there.

    • aaah thank you! See I was flummoxed as to why it had leaves. It certainly doesn’t have as many blooms as the usual magnolias, but they’re huge, about 20cms across.

  3. Theres nothing wrong with not having kids. So long as you are ok with it. Its terrible for those who want them. Personally, I do not. For that reason I do not date. I actively do not want to get married or have kids, and I feel that is the end point of dating. If I do dte, all I’m gong to do is hurt somebody, and maybe even myself.

    I am happy to be a cat lady. And I do have stick figure cats (and bunny) on the back of my car…

    • I just miss having sex, like crazy. *sigh*

      Do you have 8 cats and bunnies? I’m happy being a cat lady too x

  4. Yay aunty fen. And you can be PIE aunty to my baby! Double aunty-ness.

  5. Love the kitty photos, especially the one in which two cats are crowded onto the same envelope. My cat (a black-and-white tuxedo girl) loves to lie down on our bright blue laptop case (when the laptop isn’t in it), as well as a squished-down green tote bag from the grocery store.

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